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The Color Guard Committee is responsible for coordinating and providing guidance to district, state and chapter Color Guard units. All Color Guardsmen are members of this committee. This is a very large committee, and may be subdivided into geographic groups on the recommendation of the chairman. The members of this committee elect the committee’s leadership pursuant to the procedures set forth in the SAR Color Guard Handbook found below.

Color Guard Handbook Click Here
Molly Pitcher Medal Reporting Form Click Here
Color Guard Reporting Form Click Here
Von Steuben Medal Reporting Form Click Here
Escort and Flag Duty – Training 1 Click Here
Fire Drill – Training 1 Click Here
Safety Inspection – Training 1 Click Here

SAR Colorguardsman Magazine

The SAR Color Guard Committee reinstituted the SAR Colorguardsman magazine as an e-magazine. The publication is scheduled to be a quarterly that will be distributed via email and also available on this page.

The SAR Colorguardsman contains articles of interest to the Color Guard and include some of the following topics:

– Uniforms (History, Replicas and reproductions, etc.) – “How To” Articles (Establishing a color guard, Drill manuals, Handling weapons, etc.)
– Events (Expectations, Photos and articles of participation, etc.) – Announcements (Upcoming events, etc.)

Publication Notes:

  1. The deadlines for submissions are as follows:
  • December 31st for the January issue
  • March 31st for the April issue
  • June 30th for the July issue
  • September 30th for the October issue

2. Submissions should be emailed to Mr. Steven A. Williams

3. Submission should be sent in a DOC, RTF (Microsoft Word), or similar format.

4. Photographs should be sent in JPEG format.