The General Officers of this Society shall be a President General, a Vice-President General for each of the regularly established districts within the United States as specified in the Bylaws and one or more Vice-Presidents General for outside areas – provided that the Board of Trustees shall so provide, Secretary General, Treasurer General, Chancellor General, Genealogist General, Registrar General, Historian General, Librarian General, Surgeon General, and Chaplain General, who shall be elected by ballot by a majority vote of the delegates present and voting at the Annual Congress of the Society and shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected and qualified. Such General Officers shall serve without compensation in such capacities.

President General

John L. Dodd, Esq. (California SAR)

Compatriot Dodd is a California native and currently lives with his wife Karen in Orange County. PG Dodd has been an attorney since 1986 and heads his own appellate law firm. He has served the legal community as a member of several county and state boards and commissions.

Compatriot Dodd joined the Sons of the American Revolution in 2001 and has served as chapter and state president, National Trustee, Vice-President General of the Western District, National Chancellor General, and Treasurer and Secretary General. He has also served on the board of the SAR Foundation for several years.

Secretary General

Darryl Addington, M.D. (Tennessee SAR)

The Secretary General maintains the official records of the activities of the Executive Committee, Trustees, and national SAR Congresses. He coordinates with the SAR Headquarters’ staff on compiling the officer and committee reports for distribution at meetings and also oversees the notices for scheduled meetings along with meeting registrations.

Treasurer General

Michael J. Elston, Esq. (Virginia SAR)

The Treasurer General shall serve as the Chief Financial Officer of the National Society. His duties include, but are not limited to, providing financial advice and counsel to the Executive Committee, the Board of Trustees, Committee Chairmen and when called up on to do so by an elected member of the SAR Foundation Board. Those duties also include oversight responsibility for the collection and deposit of National Society dues and their disbursement to insure the efficient, economical operation of the National Society as well as responsibility for insuring that such funds are deposited in the name of the National Society in such accounts and depositories designated by the Board of Trustees.

Compatriot Elston is a member of the George Washington Chapter, Virginia SAR, where he has served as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President. He has served the Virginia Society as Chancellor, Vice President, President, Alternate Trustee and Trustee. He served as Chancellor General from 2021 to 2023, Vice President General of the International District from 2015 to 2016, and as a director of the SAR Foundation from 2015 to 2021. Prior to his election as Treasurer General, he served as chairman of the 2021 Special Congress, Bylaws, King’s College London Partnership, Knight Essay and Young Members Committees.

Compatriot Elston’s children have been active members of the Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.). He has served as Virginia C.A.R. Senior State President and is currently the Senior National Treasurer.

Chancellor General

Edmon H. McKinley, Esq. (Alabama SAR)

The Chancellor General serves as legal advisor to the National Society. He shall serve as a member of the Executive Committee and an Ex-Officio member of the SAR Foundation. The Chancellor General shall render legal opinions on National Society matters upon request by the President General and shall report on legal matters of concern to the President General. He shall make a detailed report on such matters to the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees at the Spring and Fall meetings of the Society as well as the Executive Committee, delegates and members at-large at the Annual Congress. He shall perform such duties as provided elsewhere in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Genealogist General

Gary O. Green (North Carolina SAR)

The Genealogist General approves all applications for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution based on proofs of the line of descent from an ancestor and Revolutionary service of that ancestor that are in accord with the policies, criteria and procedures established by the Genealogy Committee and the Constitution and Bylaws. In practice, the examination of applications is usually delegated to staff genealogists, whose decisions are subject to the review of the Genealogist General. The Genealogist General is the custodian of all approved applications for membership. The Genealogist General, as well as the Genealogy Committee, provides guidance on the interpretation of genealogy policies and suggests approaches to solving problems in proofs of lineage and service.

Registrar General

William A. Greenly (Georgia SAR)

The Registrar General shall be the custodian of the membership data of the National Society, and he  shall  advise  an  applicant  when  he  is  approved  for  membership  in  the  Society  as  well  advise  the  State  Society  of  applicant’s  approval  for  membership  in  the  Society.  He  shall  maintain  a  complete roster of the names, National numbers, addresses, dates of birth and dates of admission to the National Society, resignations, discontinuance as an active member due to non-payment of dues as well as deaths (including the dates of death).

Historian General

T. Brooks Lyles, Jr. (North Carolina SAR)

The Historian General, working with the Education Director, oversees the history programs of the National Society. He is responsible for establishing and maintaining a relationship with the History Departments of the several Universities located in the vicinity of National Society Headquarters in order to promote the teaching of Revolutionary War history in the Universities and various school systems. He shall assist State Society Historians engaged in the search for information about Revolutionary War historical sites, war graves and memorabilia in their respective geographical areas.

Librarian General

James H. Maples (Alabama SAR)

The Librarian General shall be the custodian of the books, manuscripts, maps, microfilm, pamphlets, magazines, and all other such printed material in the National Society’s Library. He may solicit donations, gifts, property exchanges, and may purchase additions for the Library collection provided prior approval is obtained from the Executive Committee. He is authorized to reject materials deemed unsuited for the National Society’s Library and is authorized to sell books which are deemed unsuited for the Library.

Surgeon General

David C. Chaffin, MD (Tennessee SAR)

The Surgeon General shall advise the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees of any health matter(s) which may be of concern to the National Society’s membership. In addition, he may with the approval of the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees make available and conduct special health screenings for members at the Spring and Fall meetings of the Board of Trustees and/or at the Annual Congress.

Chaplain General

John Vernon (Vern) Welkner III (Kansas SAR)

The Chaplain General shall be a regularly ordained minister, and shall open and close meetings of the National Society with such services as are usual and proper on such occasions. The annual Memorial Service shall be planned in consultation with the Chaplain General. He also advises, assists, and ministers to the spiritual needs of SAR members.

Vice President Generals

  • New England District (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont): Edgar Hoak
  • North Atlantic District (New Jersey and New York): Joseph P Vermaelen
  • Mid-Atlantic District (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia): James F Engler, Sr.
  • South Atlantic District (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina): James L Wyrosdick
  • Southern District (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee):Steven A Gaines
  • Central District (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia): Larry S Hinson
  • Great Lakes District (Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin): David W VanHoof
  • North Central District (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota): Christopher W. Moberg
  • South Central District (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas): Bobbie A Hulse
  • Rocky Mountain District (Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico): William Baran
  • Intermountain District (Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming): Ellis C. Rail
  • Western District (California, Hawaii, and Nevada): Robert P Moore
  • Pacific District (Alaska, Oregon, and Washington): Robie W Greene
  • European District (France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the remainder of the European Continent): Patrick M. Mesnard
  • International District (All territory outside of the other districts): Derek Jeffrey Brown

Executive Committee Appointees

  • PG Bruce Pickette (2022-2023) (Alabama SAR)
  • PG Davis Wright (2021-2022) (Connecticut SAR)
  • Paul Callanan (Michigan SAR)
  • Kenneth L. Goodson (Michigan SAR)
  • W. Lee Popham (Florida SAR)
  • Recording Secretary – Edgar S. Hoak (Massachusetts SAR)

Other Appointees