The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) invites all Eagle Scouts interested in the American Revolution to participate in the Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Contest. The contest is open to all Eagle Scouts who are currently registered in an active unit and, except as provided in the paragraph below, have not reached their nineteenth birthday during the year of application. The year that the Eagle rank was awarded is not restricted. Contest year is Jan 1 to Dec 31.

Awards are as follows: National First Place Winner receives $10,000; 2nd Place – $6,000; 3rd Place – $4,000; 4th Place – $2,000; 5th Place – $1000; 6th thru 10th – $500; and 11th thru 15th – $200. The First Place Winner will be asked to appear at the SAR Annual Congress, held in June or July, to be recognized and receive the award. Travel and lodging allowance will be provided.

The awards may be taken as either a cash award, or as a scholarship to an educational institution.

An Eagle Scout may apply for the contest in more than one year if they did not attain the age of 19 in the year applying and have not previously finished First in the National contest. Prizes and recognition may also be awarded at the SAR Chapter and State Society level. Each Eagle Scout must complete an application form, a four-generation ancestor chart, and a 500-word patriotic themed essay.

The competition is conducted in three phases: the local Chapter level, State Society level, and National level. The competition is usually entered at the Chapter level, though in some cases, the competition may be entered at the State Society level. Applicants may not enter at the National level. Contest entrants need complete only one application for the SAR Chapter level competition. The application of the Chapter level winner is forwarded to be used in State Society and National level competitions by the SAR as appropriate. A complete set of rules, along with the application for both the applicant and the sponsoring SAR members, can be found on the Eagle Scout Application Form available for download on the link below. Please be aware that the local application deadline dates may vary, so interested applicants should reach out to the local SAR State Eagle Scout contact listed below for further details.

Contest Resources


Eagle Scout Contest Application Click Here
Eagle Scout Contest Example Essay Click Here
Eagle Scout Sample Topics Click Here
Four Generation Ancestor Chart Click Here



Society Contact Name Email Address
Alabama SAR Eric D. Alford Email Link
Alaska SAR John F. Rogers Email Link
Arkansas SAR Allen J. Bush Email Link
Arizona SAR Hal Reniger Email Link
California SAR William Nay Email Link
Colorado SAR Andrew McCreight Email Link
Connecticut SAR Timothy C.R. Wilkins Email Link
Dakota SAR Donald L. Kellogg Email Link
Delaware SAR Noel H. Kuhrt, Jr Email Link
District of Columbia SAR Joel Hinzman Email Link
Empire State SAR (NY) Tim Middlebrook Email Link
Florida SAR Lawrence-Martin Capuder Email Link
Georgia SAR William R. Coffeen Email Link
Germany Society SAR – Transatlantic Council/ John Ashley Null PDF With Contact Info
Hawaii SAR Arthur N. Tulak, Ed.D Email Link
Idaho SAR Randy L. Bailey Email Link
Illinois SAR George W. Tinkham Email Link
Indiana SAR Kevin L. Waldroup Email Link
International SAR T. Rex Legler III Email Link
Iowa SAR Douglas L. Frazer Email Link
Kansas SAR Kirk Rush Email Link
Kentucky SAR Stuart Martin Email Link
Louisiana SAR Lawrence-Martin Capuder Email Link
Maine SAR David L. Manchester Email Link
Maryland SAR Jonathan T. Street Email Link
Massachusetts SAR Joseph Gauthier Email Link
Michigan SAR Gerald Burkland Email Link
Minnesota SAR Richard Smith Email Link
Mississippi SAR Mike Tischer Email Link
Missouri SAR Gary Gift Email Link
Montana SAR Robert Green Email Link
Nebraska SAR Ryan Fuller Email Link
Nevada SAR Bernie Hamm Email Link
New Hampshire SAR Douglas M. Wood Email Link
New Jersey SAR Charles Morgan, Jr. Email Link
New Mexico SAR Kris D. Jones Email Link
North Carolina SAR James Johnson Email Link
Ohio SAR Lance E. Beebe Email Link
Oklahoma SAR Craig Crow Email Link
Oregon SAR Eugene A. Foley Email Link
Pennsylvania SAR Mark E. Burt, PhD Email Link
Rhode Island SAR Dave W. Pickering Email Link
Alternate Rhode Island SAR Paul T. Fetter Email Link
South Carolina SAR Coby Alexander Email Link
Tennessee SAR Austin Seay Email Link
Texas SAR Art Munford Email Link
United Kingdom SAR Jeffrey L. Hedges Email Link
Utah SAR Paul L. Child Email Link
Vermont SAR Kevin Mullen Email Link
Virginia SAR Kenneth Hawkins, Ed.D. Email Link
Washington SAR Greg Emerson Email Link
West Virginia SAR Harold T. Cox, Jr. Email Link
Wisconsin SAR Edward Safford Email Link
Wyoming SAR Rodger A. Salzman Email Link

Previous Winners


Year Winning Eagle Scout Sponsoring SAR Society
2023 Matthew S. Westfall Texas SAR
2022 John McPhie California SAR
2021 Logan Mathews Missouri SAR
2020 Michael McPhie California SAR
2019 Ambrose Terneus Nebraska SAR
2018 James M. Donovan Missouri SAR
2017 Joseph M. Jaeger Illinois SAR
2016 Grant Mercer Georgia SAR
2015 Padraic G. Hennessey Missouri SAR
2014 Samuel P. Donovan Missouri Sar
2013 David C. Hager Florida SAR
2012 Abram M. Weeks Utah SAR
2011 Robert Rasmussen Minnesota SAR
2010 David Cadwell Pegado Empire State SAR
2009 Gerrit S. Bakker Michigan SAR
2008 Paul Banwart Minnesota SAR
2007 Charles C. McBride II Connecticut SAR
2006 Michael W. Grogan Missouri SAR
2005 John R. Rassmussen Minnesota SAR