Professional Genealogical Services

The Genealogical Research Service is an hourly-based search of the various sources available within the SAR Genealogical Research Library. The sources available may include, but are not limited to, SAR applications, documentation records, family Bible records, online services, and other genealogical societies.

Each separate hourly request will receive ten standard pages of photocopied material, with any additional pages billed to the requester at $0.25 per page plus mailing costs. Any unused standard pages of the initial ten do not carry over to a new research request project. The minimum research request is for one hour. Individuals will receive a status report as agreed upon in the initial contact of the research project. Any Genealogical Research Service request must include a completed Genealogical Research Request Form, and payment-in-full along with additional materials enumerated in the research request. The service fees are $45.00 per hour for SAR members and $50.00 per hour for non-members.

Please contact the SAR Genealogical Research Service at (502) 588-6135 for additional information and/or a cursory review of your needs.


Research Request Form