The SAR utilizes genealogy in establishing “the lineal descendant of an ancestor who was at all times unfailing in loyalty to, and rendered active service in the cause of American Independence.”

The creation of polices to govern the review of reasonable evidence proving a lineal connection to the Revolutionary War is the responsibility of the SAR Genealogy Committee. The committee reviews genealogical procedures and establishes SAR policies to insure that there is reasonable evidence that applicants are eligible for membership. The committee recommends research methods for finding proof of Revolutionary War services for ancestors and for the lineage from applicants to Revolutionary War ancestors. The committee also serves as a resource on genealogical sources and procedures.

The Genealogy Committee created the following resources to assist in staying within accepted policies of the Society. These resources are useful tools when working through the various documents and the SAR membership application to finally find that connection to an ancestor and possibly establish membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.

Additional Help If you have submitted an application to join the SAR or you are already an SAR member and have submitted a supplemental application, you should reach out to a local point of contact for updates and the “what’s next” in the process information. The following is a list of those points of contact in each state.

Application Preparation Guide Web Link
Genealogy Committee Policies Web Link
Genealogy Points of Contact Web Link
2022-2024 Genealogist General Correspondence Web Link
2021-2022 Genealogist General Correspondence Web Link
2019-2020 Genealogist General Correspondence Web Link
2018-2019 Genealogist General Correspondence Web Link
2014-2018 Genealogist General Correspondence Web Link

SAR Application Process

The SAR has established an online process for completing an application for membership. The start of the process is to create a user account on the site. Once that has been completed, you can login and start the process of recording your information. It is a browser-driven process, so you can access it anywhere you have Internet access. The following link will give you a basic instruction manual to the process. We would still encourage you to reach out to a New Member Helper which can be found on the Find Your Contact page.

Guide for Using the Online Application System