The SAR Patriot Research System (PRS) is a database combination of the previous SAR Patriot Record Index, the SAR Revolutionary War Graves Registry, and information from the SAR Patriot Index CD (2002), plus additional information and updates from various state grave registry databases and patriot biographical sketches submitted to tell the story of our patriot ancestors.

Patriot Research System

Volunteers Needed

This is a project driven entirely by volunteer members. You can earn a Lafayette Volunteer medal by helping out. If interested please contact the Chairman at

This database will continue to expand as new patriots and graves are found and biographical sketches are submitted as well as when new members are approved for SAR membership. This database is available for the purpose of general research and possibly assisting with the SAR membership process. The sources contained within this database, including patriot biographical sketches, are not acceptable as proof of service for an SAR application. Applicants and researchers must still find the original reference to the service when submitting an SAR application. Please be aware that the Patriot Research System is not a comprehensive list of all the individuals who served in the American Revolutionary War.

This database is a work in progress. SAR volunteers are attempting to eliminate duplicates, make additions to records when new data becomes available, and add new records and or biographical sketches for patriots as these ancestors are vetted.  Visitors and researchers may submit comments, corrections, and new information to the Patriot Records Committee by email at When submitting a change or correction, please include the patriot’s reference number, citations, and references to support the requested change, along with any relevant follow up contact information. Patriot biographical sketches are requested to be submitted on the NSSAR Patriot Grave Biography Report. Please include the name of the submitter, his SAR Member National Number, and the chapter and state-level society. Non-members are also encouraged to submit a biographical sketch. Including reference citations for facts within the Biography submission is highly encouraged as that provides a means for others to find original source materials in support of what has been submitted.  Completed forms related to only a biographical submission should be sent via email to