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The DAR/SAR Membership Award was authorized in 1990 and is presented to the DAR State Society that recruits the most new members to SAR. More information is available in the NSSAR Handbook Volume VI (15July2019), Pages 16/17.

This is a two track system:

1. The first track is using a leveling formula by percentage using the highest percentage with the number of application that have the DAR form finder submitted versus the total number of applications submitted taking into account the State Society total of active members. The DAR State Society that has the highest score of participation as a factor of participation in the program will be awarded certificates and $300 for 1st place, $200 for 2nd place, and $100 for 3rd place to to the DAR State Societies.

2. The second track is State Societies with the highest raw numbers of approved SAR members using the DAR Finder Form, with $300 for 1st place, $200 for 2nd place, and $100 for 3rd place to the DAR State Societies with the highest number of approved SAR members using the DAR Finder Form.

This is a total of six awards totaling $1,200. The competition runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year. In order to be counted, a DAR Finder Form must be attached to the application packet. The SAR Staff Registrar uses these forms to determine the winner. Applications without the form cannot be counted toward the competition. A separate form must be included with each application received and will be counted toward the contest after the application is approved. Multiple applications cannot be applied to one form.

It is imperative that SAR chapters and societies promote a congenial and harmonious relationship with the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and its chapters and societies for the betterment of both organizations. As potential new SAR members are recruited, one should always ask about their female relatives who could potentially join DAR. In turn, DAR members should be asked to inquire about their male relatives as they recruit new DAR members. When the DAR brings the SAR new members, reward these women with the appropriate SAR medal (i.e. Medal of Appreciation, Martha Washington Medal, and the Daughters of Liberty Medal). SAR applications must include a completed DAR Finder Report Form with that submission in order to qualify for credit.

If your SAR society has such a member and process in place, please share his contact information with the DAR Liaison Committee chairman. Each SAR state-level society should have a DAR Liaison Chairman to spearhead these efforts and should develop its own award guidelines as it relates to rewarding assisting DAR members. It is imperative that the SAR maintains an accurate account of the DAR members who assist the organization in obtaining new members into the SAR and do all that they can to continue and encourage the cooperative relationship that the SAR holds with the DAR.