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The Genealogical Research System (GRS) Project Committee is a Steering Committee that has established the detailed requirements that will be central to the successful implementation of the SAR GRS. The Committee has determined that the most effective method to implement GRS requirements before the 250th Anniversary in 2026 is the expansion of the current Patriot Research System (PRS) to incorporate GRS requirements not currently present in PRS. The Committee will interact with the PRS development team to facilitate incorporating the following functionalities into PRS: 1) add Flag Functions to assist in the identification of past approved application lineages and patriot service that will require additional supporting evidence for future related applications;
2) expand the lineage search capabilities in PRS; 3) expand the PRS data structure to support GRS requirements, especially for supporting documents of approved applications;
4) add capabilities to identify all supporting documents which would meet SAR release policies; 5) add an automated ordering process for approved applications and supporting documentation that meets SAR release policies.