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Veterans Committee




     As descendants of America's very first veterans, members of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) have long supported veterans and veterans' causes. The mission of the SAR Veterans Committee is to direct the SAR's efforts to serve those who have served us by overseeing a number of programs to encourage and recognize individuals, chapters, and state-level societies in their support of veterans.

     The USS Stark Memorial Award recognizes outstanding chapters and state-level societies within the SAR for their support of veterans by having exceptional overall veterans programs. The Veterans Committee establishes the criteria for the Stark Report that are used in determining the winners of the award, which are presented at the annual SAR Congress.

     The General William C. Westmoreland Award is presented at the annual SAR Congress to an SAR member who has distinguished himself by his service to veterans. The National Society makes only one such award each year.

     The Service to Veterans Medal is presented to SAR members who have embraced the essence of serving veterans by accumulating 5,000 Stark Award points.

     The Veterans Committee also oversees SAR Representatives and Deputy Representatives who represent the SAR's volunteer activities at VA Medical Centers (VAMC) throughout the country. The Chairman of the Veterans Committee is the SAR National Certifying Officer for the appointed Representatives and Deputy Representatives. This position fulfills a federal requirement that national organizations having Representatives and Deputy Representatives at VA Medical Centers must be appointed by a National Certifying Officer of that organization.

2015-2016 Veterans Committee Members:

Jim Alexander, Jr.; Jim Arnold; Ron Barker; Bruce Buehler; Gene Butler; Paul Callanan; Bob Ebert; Harold Fisk; Scott Giltner; David Jessel; Bill Kabel (Chairman); Greg Lucas; Stephen Miller; Charlie Newcomer; Bob O'Neal; Charles Scott; Rev. Jim Taylor; George Thurmond; Tony Vets (Vice Chairman); and Brian Worcester.


SAR War Service Medal


SAR Military Service Medal

SAR War Service Medal

The SAR War Service Medal was first authorized in 1899 for SAR members who served in the Spanish-American War. It was subsequently authorized for members who served in World War I and World War II. Following World War II