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Latest News

20 Aug

Health Risk Factors by Surgeon General Darryl Addington, MD

The number one risk for your health is smoking. This has been well known for years, if you use tobacco in any way you should quit. The number two factor is lack of exercise. Before starting an exercise program, consult your personal physician. The recommended cardio-vascular exercise is 150 minut

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01 Aug

Americanism Committee 2018 Results

The National SAR Americanism Committee is pleased to present the full results of the 2018 Liberty Bell Americanism Contest, 2018 Allene Wilson Groves Contest, 2018 President General's Streamer Contest and the 2018 President General's Cup.  These contests recognize the outstanding efforts of

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01 Aug

Alzheimer's by Surgeon General Darryl Addington, MD

Alzheimer's is a growing concern in our population. New drugs are being developed to treat the disease but there are ways to slow the disease. This is available for everyone and can be started immediately.

The way is a healthy lifestyle. A recent British study published in JAMA conf

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15 Jul

Pesticides and Poison Ivy By Dr. Addington

Our diet should have fresh vegetables and fruits. There are probably traces on pesticides remaining on the produce, even on organic produce. You can not always be sure how organic are the items.

Washing the vegetables and fruits in water will help remove the pesticides. You may also nee

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02 Jul

Independence Day Message 2019

Message from the President General
Independence Day
Warren Alter, President General 2018-2019

Compatriots and Friends of the Sons of the American Revolution,

This Thursday, July 4, 2019 will be the 243rd Celebration of America’s Birthday.  Those familiar with

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24 Jun



The “Annual Reconciliation Template” for Calendar Year 2019 is available on SAR.org under “Forms and Manuals.”  The template is for use with this year's Annual Report by State Societies.  That Report is due to the National S

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28 May

Travel and Your Health by Dr. Darryl Addington, Surgeon General

Congress is approaching and many of our compatriots and companions will be traveling long distances to reach California. Travel will be by car, plane or some by train. Here are several tips to decrease the chance of a medical issue.

Water flows downhill, sitting for extended periods may

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17 May

Memorial Day 2019

As we approach Memorial Day, President General Alter would like to share some thoughts...

President General Warren M. Alter

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14 May

SAR Presents Outstanding Early American History Award At National History Day

Each year the SAR presents an Outstanding Early American History Award to an exceptional project submitted at the National History Day (NHDKY) State Contest. The entry must be related to American Revolutionary War events or people, the U.S. Constitution and or the principles of the Founding Fathe

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30 Apr

National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Celebrates its 130th Birthday

On April 30, 1889, twenty delegates, representing 13 states gathered at the historic Fraunces Tavern in New York City for a two-day convention.  The result of the gathering was the organization of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.  Within the first year, the S

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