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  1. SAR set to Celebrate the 225th Anniversary of the U. S. Constitution


    Scene at the Signing of the Declaration of Independence
  2. NSSAR Americanism Committee announces 2012 Contest Score Sheets Rollout


  3. US Senate Resolution 376



  4. The Writer Who Joined


    Stephen CraneStephen Crane was born 01 Nov 1871 in Newark, New Jersey to Rev. Jonathan and Mary (Peck) Crane. His family moved to Port Jervis, New York in 1876 where his father became pastor of the local Methodist Church.

    Stephen Crane
  5. NSSAR Gives Thanks

    November 15, 2011, was a day for the NSSAR to give thanks for the support given by the local community.  The NSSAR hosted its 1st Annual Appreciation Luncheon in honor of its many volunteers and community supporters.  As a non-profit organization, the SAR relies heavily on its volunteers to help fill in the gaps that come with having a small national staff.  Without this help, the vital mission goals of education, history and patriotism would suffer greatly.

    NSSAR Volunteers enjoying lunch.
  6. Search Ends Here For New Library Brochure


  7. NSSAR Color Guard reinstituting The SAR Colorguardsman magazine - Updated


    The NSSAR Color Guard Committee is pleased to announce the publication of “The SAR Colorguardsman” newsletter.  This newsletter is published quarterly by the Color Guard Committee as an online newsletter.  No individual subscriptions are taken.

    The link to the issue is on the ColorGuard Committee page.  All future publications will be placed there as well according to the schedule listed below.


  8. 2012 SAR Program Honoring Germany


  9. 2011 State Society Annual Reconciliation Report Updated


    The Registration Reporting & Education Committee is pleased to announce the roll out of the 2011 State Society Annual Reconciliation Report.  This report form includes a number of changes from the form that has been utilized in the previous two years after the committee received suggestions and critiques over that time frame.

  10. SAR Genealogical Research Library Hosts Lineage Society Fair


  11. Vigil held in Honor General George Washington


    Constitution Day, September 17th 2011, the National Society of Sons of the American Revolution held a noon to midnight candle light vigil to honor General George Washington at his tomb located at Mount Vernon, Virginia.

    NSSAR Members at Washington Event
  12. Jane-Rives Williams Presents “Treasure Hunting in Kentucky’s Overlooked Records”

    On Saturday, August 6, 2011, the SAR Genealogical Research library hosted its highest-attended genealogy workshop of its summer series. Jane-Rives Williams discussed in depth Kentucky’s unique tax lists, land warrants, and deeds and how one can better make use of them in genealogical research on Kentucky ancestors.

    Jane-Rives Williams Presents
  13. New Features of the NSSAR Website

    New FeaturesCompatriots,

    The website team has been working hard to improve the NSSAR Website, and we have several new features on the website that we would like to tell you about.

    New Features
  14. 2011 Americanism Poster Contest Winners Announced

    Each year the NSSAR Americanism Committee sponsors a poster contest for 4th-5th grade students. At this year's Congress the Americanism Committee voted to include third grade students reflecting an earlier introduction of the Revolutionary War curriculum in certain states.This year, the theme of the contest was the Battle of Cowpens.

    winning poster
  15. NSSAR Partners in Patriotism Program

    NSSAR Partners in Patriotism program is for the SAR to partner with any Veterans organization i.e. American Legion, VFW, AMVETS or one of the numerous others veterans groups in grave rededications, grave markings, parades, flag retirements or any program that the SAR conducts with the help from the Veterans or any Veterans organization that ask the SAR for help in conducting an event. Most important thing is to report the event to the Patriotic Outreach Committee Chairman or the Partners in Patriotism Vice Chairman.