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  1. A New Hampshire Signer of the Declaration

    Matthew Thornton was born ca. 1714 in Northern Ireland to James and Elizabeth (Jenkins) Thornton.  He moved with his parents, when he was around four years of age, to what is now the state of Maine.

    He was educated in Worcester, Massachusetts and moved to Londonderry, New Hampshire where he set up his medical practice in 1740.  He later retired from the practice of medicine and entered into local politics, while also adopting the cause of independence for the colonies.

  2. ShareFile! What is that?



  3. SAR Fall Leadership "Cemetery Preservation 101" Workshop


  4. Join the Library on Facebook

    An “SAR Library Sons of the American Revolution” Facebook page was recently set up here.  Be sure and “Like” the page.  You are welcome to post information or queries related to the Library or genealogical research.

  5. SAR Outreach Education Celebrates Constitution Day 2015


         In recognition of Constitution Day this year, the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) would like to provide educators, SAR members, and other interested visitors with a few valuable resources related to the U.S. Constitution and their Constitution Day studies. The following external links have excellent reputations for Constitutional materials; the SAR Outreach Education program has already used some of these proven resources to help SAR members with their Constitution Day activities.


  6. School's Starting....Don't be Late for Class!


         With many school districts across the country beginning another academic year this week, the SAR Outreach Education program is revving up for another busy year as well. Outreach Education wants to encourage all SAR members to start those important conversations with educators, school administrators, and other like-minded community members about the SAR mission.

  7. Bermuda Gunpowder Plot! Press Release & Newspaper Article

    For Immediate Release
    August 3, 2015


    Patriotic Organizations to Commemorate
    A Little-Known Event of the American Revolution . . . in Bermuda!


  8. Leadership Meeting Info is posted!


    The Information for the Fall Leadership 2015 meeting has been posted on the calendar.  You can find more detail here:






  9. What’s That Racket? A Ratchet!

    By: Amanda Rush

    Ratchet, c. 1700

    Wood, 8 5/8 inches long

    Donated to the SAR in June, 1983.


  10. The 2015 Sgt. Moses Adams Memorial Middle School Brochure Contest Winner is Chosen

         Each year, the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) invites all 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students interested in the American Revolution to participate in the Sgt. Moses Adams Memorial Middle School Brochure Contest. After a thorough review and evaluation at the 125th SAR Congress in July, the 2015 award winner is Mr. Robby C. Griffin, an 8th grade student representing the Georgia SAR.

    2015 Sgt. Moses Adams Memorial Middle School Brochure Contest Diplay
  11. The 2015 Americanism Elementary School Poster Contest Winner is Chosen

         Every year, the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) invites all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students to participate in the Americanism Elementary School Poster Contest. After examining a highly competitive field of entrants at the 125th SAR Congress in July, the 2015 award winner is Mr. Ryan Yi, a 5th grade student representing the California SAR.

    1st Place 2015 Americanism Elementary School Poster (California SAR)
  12. Final Results for the 2015 Americanism Contests

    By: Mark C Anthony, NSSAR Americanism Committee Chairman

    The National Society Americanism Committee is pleased to publish the full listing of final results for the 2015 Americanism and President General's contests. The 2014 contest year saw an explosion in the number of entries with an almost 50% increase in participation over the prior year. Of the 552 chapters, 163 or 29.5% submitted a score sheet. Of the 58 societies, 15 or 25.9% submitted an entry.

  13. SAR Congress Badges Now on Exhibit


    The SAR Genealogical Research Library is pleased to exhibit a showcase of SAR Congress delegate name badges spanning from 1889 to 1952. 

  14. Genealogist Wins National Book Awards


    Michael N. Henderson


    member of the Georgia Society



    Michael N. Henderson
  15. SAR Education Open House Had a Strong Presence at Congress

         This year’s annual SAR Congress held in Louisville, Kentucky, offered the first Outreach Education Open House and has raised expectations for future events. Spanning from Friday morning until Wednesday evening, the open house welcomed over two hundred of SAR members, historians, and interested public visitors while at the Galt House.