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The Genealogy Committee reviews genealogical procedures and establishes SAR policies to insure that there is reasonable evidence that applicants are eligible for membership. The committee recommends research methods for finding proof of Revolutionary services for ancestors and for the lineage from applicants to Revolutionary ancestors. The committee also serves as a resource on genealogical sources and procedures.

Genealogist General

The SAR Genealogist General shall examine the claims of the applicant for eligibility. No applicant shall be admitted to membership until the Genealogist General approves the application. In practice, the examination of applications is delegated to staff genealogists, whose decisions are subject to the review of the Genealogist General.

The Genealogist General, as well as the Genealogy Committee, provides guidance on the interpretation of genealogy policies and suggests approaches to solving problems in proofs of lineage and service. As part of that guidance, the Genealogist General keeps the various state-level points of contact up to date on current policies and issues dealing with genealogy and the application processes.


From time to time the Genealogy Committee will establish a Subcommittee to review a specific topic more intently and report back to the committee with results of the investigation or study.

Current Subcommittees:

  • Application Preparation Guide Subcommittee
  • Bylaws Proposals Concerning Genealogy Subcommittee
  • Proof of Residence of a Patriot During the Revolution Subcommittee
  • Recognition of Members who Establish a New Patriot Ancestor Subcommittee.
  • Revolutionary Taxes Subcommittee