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Ethics Committee

These pages for the Ethics Committee have been established to provide a centralized location for members of the NSSAR to access information pertaining to the Ethics Committee’s formulation and functions.  Incorporated into this site is the formation of Ethics Committee, its duties and responsibilities as contained in Volume I of By Law 18.1(b) of the NSSAR Handbook.  Following this By Law section are the sections from Volume II of the NSSAR Handbook:


It is the responsibility of all NSSAR members to read and comply with By Law 18.1(b) and the policies and procedures outlined above and contained in the following pages.  These are the governing documents for the operation of the Ethics Committee.  They have been approved in accordance with enabling By Laws and by the Executive Committee as provided in By Law, for inclusion in the NSSAR Handbook.  Failure to adhere to the adopted policies will result in referral through the proper channels for disciplinary action.

Inspector General - warrenalteratcox [dot] net (Warren M. Alter)

Compliance Officer - wabroadusjrataol [dot] com (W. A. Broadus, Jr.)