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SAR Staff

SAR National Headquarters Staff

Telephone: (502) 589-1776 

FAX: (502) 589-1671

Executive Director: Donald Shaw (Ext. 6128)

Mr. Shaw oversees the operations of the national SAR Headquarters, while collaborating with the SAR General Officers and other officers of the organization on the continuing efforts of promoting the goals of the SAR and promoting the well-being of the organization.

Finance Director: Mary Butts (Ext. 6120)

Ms. Butts oversees all accounting functions of the SAR; her other functions include working with the various financial committees and the Treasurer General to insure a secure financial operation of the SAR’s monetary assets.

Finance Assistant: Peg Cochran (Ext. 6121)

Ms. Cochran assists in the accounting functions of the Society, including the deposit reconciliation, merchandise finance inquiries, and any additional duties given by the Director of Finance.

Operations Director: Michael Scroggins (Ext. 6125)

Mr. Scroggins oversees the daily operations of the Registrar and Special Events functions of the SAR Headquarters. He also acts as the operations and logistics coordinator for various scheduled buildings events and administers repairs to and maintenance of the SAR facilities. His additional functions include internal and Web database systems management, the SAR internal computer network system management, and administrative support and coordination to the Executive Director.

Special Events Coordinator: Debbie Smalley (Ext. 6123)

Ms. Smalley coordinates the various activities that include the annual SAR Congress and semi-annual Leadership Meetings. She provides clerical support for called and scheduled meetings; her other duties include maintaining the current officers list for all levels of the SAR, recording approved committee appointments, and processing of the incoming mail. She provides clerical and coordination support to the Executive Director.

Registrar: Jonathan Toon (Ext. 6142)

Mr. Toon performs data entry functions for new SAR members and supplemental applications and processes all approved applications. He generates the greetings cards for new SAR members along with the certificates and all other membership materials. He also provides administrative support to the Finance Department for budgetary purposes and the Operations Director on reporting SAR membership statistics and trends.

Generalist Staff: Jeff Bell (Ext. 6147)

Mr. Bell performs a multitude of duties and works with various departments as needed.  Currently working primarily in the Genealogy Department.

Merchandise Director: Susan Griffin (Ext. 6141)

Ms. Griffin manages the Merchandise operations, including the purchasing and stocking of materials as well as the processing of orders from SAR state-level societies, chapters, and individual SAR members.

Merchandise Assistant: Susan Acree (Ext. 6139)

Ms. Acree assists in the Merchandise operations of the SAR, including customer service, maintaining inventory counts, and any additional duties given by the Merchandise Director.

Merchandise Assistant:  Taiyonna Daniel (Ext. 6136)

Ms. Daniel assists in the Merchandise operations of the SAR, including the pulling and packing of customer orders, maintaining inventory counts, and any additional duties given by the Merchandise Director.

Education Director/SAR Center Director: Colleen Wilson (Ext. 6129)

Ms. Wilson oversees the creation of SAR Outreach Educational programs. She promotes the outreach education programs to communities and schools and develops resource materials for SAR members, educators, and other patrons.

Education Assistant Director/Archivist: Rae Ann Sauer (Ext. 6130)

Ms. Sauer is the primary support to the SAR Center Director and is required to maintain a working knowledge of day-to-day Genealogical Research Library operations and the education programs. As the Archivist, she is responsible for the preservation and organization of all museum and archival collections.

Library Director: Michael Christian (Ext. 6131)

Mr. Christian oversees the operations of the SAR Genealogical Research Library and assists the general public and SAR members in general research inquiries; his other functions include working with the Librarian General to promote and continue to improve the operations of the SAR Library.

Cataloger/Assistant to the Librarian: Robin Christian (Ext. 6138)

Ms. Christian assists the Library Director in handling general inquiries. She processes and catalogues all donated or purchased materials; her other functions include clerical work and data entry along with any other duties assigned by the Library Director. She also directs incoming telephone calls or inquires.

Program and Exhibit Coordinator: Zachary Distel (Ext. 6149)

Mr. Distel develops and coordinates programs and supporting exhibits with Outreach Education and the Genealogical Research Library that engage the SAR membership and public audiences.  Additional responsibilities include object inquiries concerning SAR collections.

Genealogy Department

The SAR genealogists perform the processing and review of new member and supplemental applications. The Genealogy staff communicates with state-level societies on issues relating to applications. Inquiries regarding membership should be directed to the membership contact for the state-level society in which an applicant is interested in joining.

New SAR Member Applications
Genealogist: Mr. Jessie Hagan (Ext. 6135)
Genealogist: Ms. Denise Hall (Ext. 6145)
Genealogist: Ms. Beverly Hicklin (Ext. 6134)
Genealogist: Ms. Debbie Renard (Ext. 6124)
Genealogist: Ms. Susan Julien (Ext. 6150)

Supplemental SAR Member Applications
Genealogist: Ms. Leslie Miller (Ext. 6146)
Genealogist: Ms. Patty Riemann (Ext. 6137)

Please note that the SAR does not have information on every patriot who served during the American Revolution. The SAR does have information on those patriots that have been established by its members. Due to limited staff, the Genealogy department is unable to answer individual research requests for help. Queries of this nature must be handled by a certified genealogist or a professional researcher of your choosing. Please visit the SAR Research Services page for further information.

SAR Foundation: Sarah Strapp Dennison (Ext. 1777)

The SAR Foundation office is available for donation inquires and other information.

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