This page is not for a Patriot search. It is only for ordering a record copy when you know:

  1. the name of the SAR member and
  2. national number of the member and
  3. the name of the Patriot.

Incomplete, incorrect, or missing information may lead to a “Record not Found.” Record Copy fees are non-refundable.

National Policy

The NSSAR restricts fulfilling requests of application copies and ancestor information of living NSSAR members to:

  • Members of the NSSAR, NSDAR and N.S.C.A.R.
  • Prospective members of the NSSAR may order a record copy through a Chapter or State Registrar or other NSSAR member assisting them with an application.


  • Only one (1) application copy request per form will be accepted.
  • By ordering a record copy, the requesting party certifies the record copy is to be used for genealogical or NSSAR membership purposes only.
  • The Ancestor # (often referred to as the P-Number) from the Patriot Search site is not a National Number and cannot be used to order Record Copies.


  1. Complete the section below, providing all known data, including any possible variant spellings.
  2. Carefully type the name and address legibly. Any Request Form that cannot be read will be discarded.
  3. DO NOT use this form for any research service requests other than for Record Copies of member applications. (All copies provided will be Record Copies, even if not so noted, as those are the only copies maintained by the National Society.)
  4. Cost is $10 USD
  5. The orders are processed by an employee and not automated. They are emailed to you in a pdf format.
  6. Turnaround time can be up to 7 working days due to current backlog of applications.