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What We Do

Notable Speeches by SAR Members

One of President General Lindsey Brock's goals during his 2014-2015 term in office was to compile an archive of notable speeches that SAR members have given at various SAR and/or civic events. Many times, members are asked to give a speech at a local chapter meeting or other community group. While it can be challenging to come up with an idea for a presentation or historic research topic, consulting existing speeches made by SAR members can be very helpful in this endeavor. This archive is also a good resource for school projects. Listed below are a few samples from this archive for your use; please check back often for updates!

If you have a speech you would like to add to the archive, please send it to Ms. Rae Ann Sauer in Microsoft Word format so it can be easily downloaded by other SAR members and interested visitors. You will be identified on the website as the author of any submitted speeches.

Historical Figures

This section is for speeches about America's founding figures and other historic individuals during early American history.
"Ethan Allen" By Mr. Paul Chase
"Betrayal by Benedict Arnold" By Mr. Paul Chase
"William Dawes" By Mr. James Mitchell
"John Honeyman" By Mr. James Mitchell
"Moses Hough's 12 Months of Active Duty" By Mr. James Hough
"Moses Hough's Military Service" By Mr. James Hough
"Thomas Jefferson's 267th Birthday Celebration" By Judge Ed Butler
"Robert Morris, Jr." By Mr. Bill Stone
"Old Elbridge Cemetery" By Mr. Bob Gang
"General Horace Porter" By Judge Ed Butler
"Samuel Prescott" By Mr. James Mitchell
"Jason Russell" By Mr. James Mitchell
"George Walton" By Mr. Bobby Joe Seales
"George Washington and the Peace Treaty of New York of 1790" By Mr. Bill Stone
"The Fourteen Forgotten Presidents" (Script Only) by Bill Stone
The Fourteen Forgotten Presidents (PowerPoint Only)" by Bill Stone
"Brigadier General 'Mad' Anthony Wayne" By Mr. Paul Chase

Historical Sites and Battlegrounds

This section is for speeches about early American historical sites and battlegrounds of the American Revolution.
"Battle at Chestnut Neck" By Mr. Norman Goos
"Battle of Kettle Creek" By Judge Ed Butler
"Battle of Waxhaws, South Carolina" By Mr. Dan Woodruff
"Botetourt County, Virginia" By Mr. Dennis Boyer
"The First and Last Battles of the American Revolutionary War" By Mr. Robert Wetzel
"Galvez's El Cazador" By Mr. James Mitchell
"Kings Mountain Speech" By Judge Ed Butler
"Musgrove Mill, South Carolina" By Mr. Dan Woodruff
"Old New York" By Mr. James Mitchell
"Sycamore Shoals Celebration" By Judge Ed Butler
"Trenton & Princeton" By Mr. Norman Goos

Patriotic Themes

This section is for speeches about various patriotic themes, including colonial flags, the Fourth of July, and dedication ceremonies.
"Address to the South Carolina SAR" By Mr. Dan Woodruff
"Comments to the Texas Education Association in Austin" By Judge Ed Butler
"Fall Leadership 2009 PG Report" By Judge Ed Butler
"Flag Speech" By Mr. Roger Boeker
"Greetings to the KSDAR" By Mr. Doug Collins
"Benjamin Harrison" By Mr. Bill Sharp
"Independence Day Address (July 2011)" By Judge Ed Butler
"Let Freedom Ring" By Mr. Doug Collins
"A Letter to Cooper Davis Terry" By Mr. John Terry
"Memorial Day Remarks" By Mr. Randall Eckley
"Mexico Society SAR Dedication at the Malaga, Spain Cathedral" By Judge Ed Butler
"Naturalization Ceremony" By Mr. Gary Timmons
"President General's Patriots Day Message" By Judge Ed Butler
"Remarks in Louisville (August 2009)" By Judge Ed Butler
"Remarks to the American Legion" By Judge Ed Butler
"Remarks to HRH Prince Filipe" By Judge Ed Butler
"SAR Annual Congress State Society Presidents 2009 Welcome Speech" By Mr. Dan Woodruff
"SAR Wreath Laying Ceremony at Punchbowl (September 2009)" By Judge Ed Butler
"Speech on Patriotism" By Mr. Bill Sharp
"Texas School Books and the Revolutionary War" By Judge Ed Butler
"USS Arizona Speech" By Judge Ed Butler
"Veterans Day Speech at Oak Grove (November 2014)" By Mr. Daniel Haulman
"George Washington 2009 Birthday Message" By Judge Ed Butler

Miscellaneous American Revolutionary War Topics

This section is for various other speeches collected about the topics surrounding the American Revolutionary War.
"Eleven Revolutions" By Mr. Daniel Haulman
"Fall Leadership 2009 PG Report" By Judge Ed Butler
"Greetings to the Texas SAR Annual Convention" By Judge Ed Butler
"Gunpowder" By Mr. Terry Manning
"Islamic Influence in the American Revolution" By Mr. Robert Detwile
"Let's Get the Music Right" By Dr. Thomas Romine
"Missouri SAR 2007 Annual Meeting" By Mr. Joe Harris
"An Original Bill of Rights" By Mr. James Mitchell
"Other Colonies" By Mr. Daniel Haulman
"Patriot Index" By Mr. James Mitchell
"Perpetuating America's Heritage (Part I)" By Mr. Joe Harris
"Perpetuating America's Heritage (Part II)" By Mr. Joe Harris
"Prison Ships (Pictures)" By Mr. Kim Brimer
"Prison Ships (Speech)" By Mr. Kim Brimer
"Prisoner of War Briefing" By Mr. Paul Chase
"Remarks about the Admiral in the Texas Navy" By Judge Ed Butler
"Remarks to the South Central District" By Judge Ed Butler
"SAR Long Range Plan 2008-2009" By Judge Ed Butler
"SAR President General Acceptance Speech" By Judge Ed Butler
"Ships and Seamen of the American Revolution" By Mr. Terry Manning
"Social Events During Revolutionary Times" By Mr. Terry Manning
"South Atlantic 2008 District Meeting" By Mr. Joe Harris
"Spain in the American Revolution" By Mr. Stephen Renouf

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