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June 13, 2023


Compatriot Reaches Record Number of Applications

Compatriot Timothy Ward, Minuteman Class of 2014, of the Ohio SAR recently became the first ever Compatriot to be the first line sponsor of over 1,000 New Member applications.  A tremendous achievement and outstanding contribution to the Society.  Congratulations, Tim!


250th Anniversary Membership Directory 

Beginning in the fall of 2023, SAR will start working on its America250 Collector’s Edition Membership Directory. SAR has partnered with PCI, which bought out the former partner company on previous directories. This new partner has contractually agreed to address all the issues from the previous edition as reported by our membership. In addition to the standard information and features of earlier directory editions, this America250 publication will include the commemorative SAR/America 250 logo and a 16-page commentary section by a patriotic author or authors to be named later in production. The last volume of the membership directory was valuable enough for compatriots to sell 3300 volumes. Merchandise that conflicts with the SAR store will not be sold, members will be given clear and timely communication on what to expect, and all communication received by mail will have the official SAR logo attached to avoid confusion.  No ‘high-pressure sales tactics will be used.  A portion of the proceeds of every directory sold goes to support the SAR, and members are encouraged to participate and purchase if interested.


Committee Directory 

The current Committee Directory is posted at under the Members listings on  It is dated 1 June 2023.  President General Pickette has declared the Directory as closed and no additional committee memberships or changes will be accepted.


SAR Education Center and Museum

Work on the SAR Education Center and Museum is well underway.  Preparation work recently began on the larger elevator that will be installed in the rear area of the Museum.  The contractor has made the initial cuts in the concrete and block to allow for drilling equipment to fit into the shaft.  Earlier in late May, the “AIA” (Standard Agreement between an Owner and Architect) was signed between NSSAR and ARCHON, Inc.  for Design Documents.  These architect design documents are for the interior build-out of the first floor, mezzanine, and portions of the lower level of the Headquarters.  They will be used to prepare the space for the museum design/builder’s work.  Regarding the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Museum itself, a Pre-Qualification Solicitation List was prepared and used to send a request for submission of a letter of interest to NSSAR; the request was sent to 17 firms and the due date of submissions is June 23.  A press release was also sent out for wider distribution.


Issues with MailChimp Messages

The first release of the “News from the SAR” was sent to all members on April 18.  Many members reported they were unaware of the message and located it in their Spam folder.  Several configuration settings have been changed in MailChimp to preclude this from happening in the future.  The “News” releases may be found by clicking on News in the blue banner on