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District-level Web Links

International SAR

International SAR

A Brief History and Scope of the International SAR

The International Society of the SAR (International SAR) was created in late 1999 as an administrative construct to handle several new members (in Mexico, Australia, and Micronesia) who lived far from any existing state-level society. Someone within the SAR had to receive and review their applications, someone had to request dues annually, and someone had to provide these SAR members with communications and represent their interests so that they could be functional participants of the larger SAR.

In September 2000, a set of bylaws for the International SAR were approved by the SAR Executive Committee to provide an explicit authorization for the construct and to ensure that there would be experienced leaders. The bylaws specify that the Vice President General of the International District will be ex-officio (by virtue of his office) the President of the International SAR.

The International SAR consists of a few members spread out so widely that there is little chance for personal interaction. Consequently, a “typical” organization, constitution and bylaws, and set of program elements are not feasible.

The International SAR nurtures and trains overseas SAR members so that in the event that there are fifteen resident members within a nation, the members will be well-prepared to petition the trustees to form a state-level society. For example, the International SAR provided a framework for recruiting members in Mexico and training its officers, resulting in a successful petition in 2002 to become the Mexico SAR.

Since the International SAR is an administrative construct for a small number of members who are spread around the globe, it is not a regularly-constituted state-level society and is not entitled to a trustee, alternate trustee, or delegates at the annual SAR Congress. Members of the International SAR expect that the best interests of the International SAR will be represented by the Vice President General of the International District at trustees’ meetings and annual SAR Congress.

For further information on International SAR membership and eligibility, please refer to the International SAR annual dues form or contact the International SAR President Russ DeVenney​.


(Approved by the NSSAR Executive Committee on September 11, 2018. The International SAR is an administrative unit and has no constitution.)

Bylaw No. 1 - Name, Status, and Objectives

The International Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (ITSSAR) is a special state society of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (NSSAR), created for administrative purposes only. The ITSSAR operates under the Constitution and Bylaws of the NSSAR. The objectives shall be the same as those specified in the NSSAR Constitution.

Bylaw No. 2 - Territory and Membership

Section 1.  The territory of the ITSSAR shall consist of all territory in any foreign country or other territory where no State Society has been authorized or organized by the NSSAR Board of Trustees.

Section 2.  Membership qualifications shall be the same as those specified in the NSSAR Constitution, with the following restriction: Only residents in the territory of the ITSSAR may become “primary” members of the ITSSAR (paying national dues through the ITSSAR). This restriction does not apply to becoming a dual member of the ITSSAR (paying national dues through another state society).

Section 3.  The ITSSAR is not authorized to charter chapters.  The ITSSAR may support the formation of a foreign society if the proposed foreign society satisfies the requirements set forth in the NSSAR Bylaws.

Bylaw No. 3 - Officers

Section 1.  The incumbent Vice President General (International District) shall be the ITSSAR President, ex officio. He shall have the duties, rights and responsibilities normally associated with the position of Society President and shall promote productive activity of society members in their communities.

Section 2.  The President may appoint another Compatriot to serve as Secretary of the ITSSAR. He shall provide regular communication with the members, collect the dues, and function as registrar.

Section 3.  The President may designate members of the ITSSAR as aides to help develop a strong recruiting effort, help prospective members complete their applications, and manage other programs of the ITSSAR.

Section 4.  Due to the ITSSAR’s special administrative status, no National Trustee or Alternate National Trustee is authorized. The Vice President General (International District) shall report on the activities of the ITSSAR to the NSSAR Board of Trustees.

Bylaw No. 4 - Fees and Dues

Section 1.  Application Fee:  No membership application or transfer into the ITSSAR shall be considered unless accompanied by a payment which is the sum of (a) the NSSAR application fee, (b) a $5.00 ITSSAR processing fee, and (c) annual dues as defined in Section 3 of this Bylaw. The ITSSAR is required to transmit the NSSAR application fee and NSSAR dues to the NSSAR. Annual dues that accompany applications that are registered on or after September 1 will be credited toward the year that starts the following January 1.

Section 2.  Supplemental Fee:  No supplemental application shall be considered unless accompanied by a payment which is the sum of (a) the NSSAR supplemental application fee and (b) a $5.00 ITSSAR processing fee. The ITSSAR is required to transmit the NSSAR application fee to the NSSAR.

Section 3.  Annual Dues:  The annual dues shall be the sum of (a) NSSAR annual dues and (b) $5.00 for ITSSAR annual dues. The ITSSAR is required to transmit NSSAR dues to the NSSAR. Annual dues must be paid in full by January 1 to cover the membership year for January 1 to December 31 of that year.

Section 4.  Method of Payment:  Fees and dues must be paid in United States Dollars (USD) by check drawn on a U.S. bank or by credit card payment.

Section 5.  ITSSAR processing fee and ITSSAR Annual Dues: The processing fees and ITSSAR annual dues will be transmitted to the NSSAR and retained in the ITSSAR account for use to defray operating costs of the society. Distribution of funds from this account must have the International Society President and the Treasurer General’s approval.

Bylaw No. 5 - Amendments

Section 1.  Supremacy: These Bylaws are adopted subject to the provisions of the NSSAR’s Constitution and Bylaws. Any amendment to the NSSAR’s Constitution or Bylaws which conflicts with any provision of these Bylaws shall be regarded as automatically amending, repealing or modifying the provisions of these Bylaws to the extent of such conflict.

Section 2.  Amendments: Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by the president, the secretary, or by petition of three members of the ITSSAR. To be enacted the amendment requires a vote of approval by the Executive Committee of the NSSAR.

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