General Safety

Be careful and have a good time!

If you compare Savannah to any city its size or larger, we are confidant you would find Savannah a very safe city. On the other hand, if you are unlucky enough to be victimized, you will feel differently. For that reason, please take common sense precautions, to reduce any possible exposure to harm or loss.

We have listed some suggested precautions you should take:

Get into the habit of not giving people the opportunity to commit crimes. Take a moment to think about potential dangers and how to minimize your risk.

Hotel: The Hyatt Hotel maintains security 24 hours a day and will be checking floors at various times during the day and night. The Security Office can be contacted at any time by calling the hotel operator.

When checking-in and checking-out have a family member watch your luggage. This is also very important at the Savannah International Airport.

Do not leave valuables in your hotel room. There are safes in every room to store your valuables. Keep your door locked and never open it unless you are certain of the person’s identity.

Personal Safety on the Street:
Wearing your convention badge outside your meeting site invites trouble. REMOVE YOUR BADGE WHEN IN PUBLIC, otherwise you are advertising that you are an out-of-town guest.

If you carry a purse, hold it close to your body, preferably in the front. Don’t let it dangle from your arm or shoulder in a manner, which makes it an attractive target to a thief.

Limit the use of ATM MACHINES to daylight hours.

Always have your keys ready to unlock the door and enter your vehicle without delay.

Never leave keys in the ignition or the car running and unattended for any reason.