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The coronavirus is very much in the news. Flu season is fast approaching. You are still more likely to catch flu. The precautions to take are the same. Both are contracted the same way, hands to face or inhaling the virus. The defense is to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer and avoid hands to the face. Mask help to protect you from contracting the virus. The symptoms of coronavirus are like a cold. You become sick with an upper respiratory illness, runny nose, cough, sore throat, headache and fever. Shortness of breath and muscle aches may occur. For 80%, the illness is not severe. If aged over 65 and with other medical conditions may have a much more serious illness.
The flu has been more severe in the young. Usually persons with flu have body aches, fever, chills and cold symptoms. If you think you have flu, see your doctor in the first 48 hours, anti-viral medicines are effective if taken in the first 48 hours. Lab tests can identify the virus as to flu or Covid 19. If you think you have Covid 19 call your physician. Avoid crowds and people who are coughing, sneezing. If you are ill, do not go out in public. Wear a face mask when in public.
Compatriots “stay safe”.