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News that pertains to the National Society

Genealogy Seminar - Recruiting and Qualifying the Prospective Member

Genealogy Seminar - Cracking the Code on Recruiting, Efficiently Qualifying, and Retaining the Member

SAR Genealogical Research Library Participates in Kentuckiana Family Research Conference

Attendees visit the SAR Genealogical Research Library BoothRae Ann Sauer works the library booth

Attendees visit the SAR Genealogical Research Library Booth

NSSAR Welcomes University Intern Ellen Bushong

Doug Brown of Missouri Wins Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award


2012 Poster Contest Winners

SAR Ready to Begin Phase II on Center for Advancing America’s Heritage


On July 6th, at the 122nd National Congress in Phoenix, Arizona, the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) membership voted unanimously to begin Phase II renovation for the Center for Advancing America's Heritage (CAAH) on Main Street’s Museum Row in Louisville, Kentucky

view from the front

2012 NSSAR Americanism Committee Results


The NSSAR Americanism Committee is pleased to publish the full results of the Allene Wilson Groves Americanism, Liberty Bell Americanism, President General's Streamer and President General's Cup contests for the 2011 year.  

The winners were recognized at the 2012 Annual Congress in Phoenix.

Please see the attached PDF below


How We Became the United States of America: The Values that Built Our Nation


Center Program Travels to Appalachia



BY Colleen O. Wilson


2012 Congress Matching Gift Challenge

During the 122nd Congress held in Phoenix, Arizona  Dr. Sam Powell, President of The SAR Foundation, announced that he and his wife Karen will make a $1.5 million gift to the Center for Advancing America's Heritage, payable in 2012. Supports the NSSAR Operation Ancestor Search


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