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Genealogy Committee

NSSAR Genealogy Committee


Information from the Genealogist General

Proving Service at the Battle of Point Pleasant

Consolidated Emails to State Points of Contact

For applicants and members, please see the page for Genealogy Policies and Registrar’s Manual.

We have three lists of SAR contacts who may be able to help you. Please click on the appropriate link below for further assistance:


New Member Helpers
For men who are interested in joining the SAR, please go to this list, and click on the link for your state or region. The gentlemen on this list will refer you to a local chapter, and may be able to offer other assistance and guidance in the preparation of your application for membership. Click on the above link for a list of New Member Helpers.


State Society Points of Contact
Has it been a while since you submitted your application? If you have submitted a new application, or are already a member and have submitted a supplemental application, and it has been more than ten weeks since your application was received by the National Society, please contact the appropriate point of contact for your state or region to inquire about the status of your new or supplemental application. Click on the above link for a list of State Society Points of Contact.


SAR Genealogy Assistants
SAR Genealogy Assistants offer more "hands on" help than New Member Helpers. SAR Genealogy Assistants take an active role in researching and compiling applications for new members, who may have limited or no experience in genealogical research or in preparing an application for a lineage society. The degree to which an SAR Genealogy Assistant can assist a potential new member will vary based on the specific needs of the potential new member. Click on the above link for a list of SAR Genealogy Assistants.


Genealogy Seminar - Recruiting and Qualifying the Prospective Member
Presented by Genealogist General Larry Cornwell during several Leadership Meetings and the 2013 Congress. The Microsoft PowerPoint© slides and script are available for chapters or state societies to present to their compatriots. A link is also provided to a video of the seminar. The seminar is especially valuable to those chapters that are having difficulties recruiting, and for those chapters who need help in researching lineages to assist prospective members with their applications. Members will find it useful in helping them prepare their own supplemental applications, as a step-by-step guide leads the viewer through key on-line resources to help find lineages to his patriot ancestors.


Reports: Subcommittee on Revolutionary Taxes

The National Society SAR Genealogy Committee established the Subcommittee on Revolutionary Taxes to “examine evidence and determine whether or not particular tax laws and lists provide a basis for Patriotic Service and make that information available to the SAR staff and members.”   The reports of the Subcommittee on Revolutionary Taxes posted by the Genealogy Committee were prepared with these goals in mind.