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Americanism Committee

NSSAR Americanism Committee and Programs

The NSSAR Americanism Committee is responsible for organizing and directing the National Society's efforts to promote the principles of freedom and liberty for all Americans.  This includes dissemination of NSSAR programs and resolutions relating to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

The Committee judges the President General's State Society and Chapter Activities Competition Award and the President General's Cup Award, which are presented at the Annual Congress. The worksheet / form for this contest can be found in the "Forms" section of the website here.


Additionally, the Committee judges the Allene Wilson Groves award and the Liberty Bell award both presented during the Awards ceremony at the Annual National Congress.  In addition, the Committee will be responsible for posting on the Web, information concerning resolutions passed by the Annual National Congress and the Patriotic Education Tool Kit.

The Americanism Committee also sponsors the Elementary School Poster Contest for 4th and 5th graders depending on the year in which their school system teaches the American Revolution. Another program is the Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award presented to a middle or high school teacher who has distinguished themselves in the teaching of the American Revolution. The winner receives a trip to the Freedom's Foundation Summer Teacher Workshop in Valley Forge, PA, worth $1,400.

Any of the information provided can be used by SAR Members, Chapters and State Societies for the betterment of the NSSAR and it's programs.


News Release Information for Americanism Contests


The Americanism Committee sponsors five different contests:

  • Tom and Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award
  • Elementary School Poster Contest
  • The President General's State Society and Chapter Activities Competition Award
  • President General's Cup Award
  • Liberty Bell Award
  • Allene Wilson Groves Award.  
  • The President General's Awards,

Allene Wilson Groves Awards and the Liberty Bell Awards allow points for publicizing chapter or state activities.  The news release information is designed to help chapters and state societies get articles about their activities published in newspapers or other periodicals.

Publicizing chapter activities will generate points for contests, but another important benefit is that recognition by the media for those activities will generate excitement within the chapter.  Keeping and circulating copies of newspaper articles at meetings may stimulate chapter members to engage in even more activities.  It also may attract new members to your chapter when they see all of the wonderful things your chapter does for the community.

The News Release Information consists of discussions covering, "How to work with the Media" and "News Releases."  Several of these guidelines were written by Joe Benham (TXSSAR) who has been in the newspaper business for 56 years.  One additional piece available is a downloadable Microsoft Word file, which will allow a chapter to modify the information and use it as a news release.

Compatriots are invited to submit worthy articles about the American Revolution to the Americanism Committee Chairman, Americanismatsar [dot] org (Mark Anthony), for possible use as an example on this website.

For more information about media relations and drafting news releases, refer to the:

Speakers and Writers Committee

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