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    Why Join SAR?

    Make the dream of our patriot ancestors a reality. Hundreds of thousands of men are eligible for membership, and members are available to assist you with your application process.​ If you are interested in becoming a member of the SAR, or for further information, please contact a member of your local SAR chapter.​

    Leadership Opportunities

    Become acquainted with other leaders in your community and lead others with whom you share many common interests.​

    Serve Your Community

    Experience the opportunity to serve your community, to whatever degree your time allows.​

    Pride In Your Heritage

    Remembering your ancestors and strive to sustain the system of representative government and participatory democracy that they fought to create.​

    What Our Members Say

    “The SAR means so many things to me. Obviously, it is chance to remember and honor my ancestors and those like them that gave birth to the greatest nation ever. Secondly, it gives me and my 11 year old son Mercator (an SAR Junior member) the opportunity to make and share great memories. This is important as…an SAR activity gives us a great "guys' day" activity. Mercator is well on his way to earning his Patriot Graves Medal (we think he will be the youngest in the organization to have it bestowed on him). He is always ready to kit up and participate with the Color Guard in parades as needed. It is an opportunity for me to make sure he learns to respect his heritage and learn about our history. His fifth grade class and teacher were quite impressed with his knowledge and activities with the SAR while studying the American Revolution this year.”

    Maj. Gordon W. Bell, Jr. USA (Ret.) (member in the Indiana SAR) 20 Year SAR Member

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