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From the Library Director

News Stories from the Library Director

Maryland Society SAR Through the Years



The Maryland Society, in September, 1907, restored and re-erected the tablet originally put in place in 1894 on the building in Baltimore, destroyed by fire in February, 1904, where the Continental Congress met during the Revolutionary War.


A New Hampshire Signer of the Declaration

Matthew Thornton was born ca. 1714 in Northern Ireland to James and Elizabeth (Jenkins) Thornton.  He moved with his parents, when he was around four years of age, to what is now the state of Maine.

He was educated in Worcester, Massachusetts and moved to Londonderry, New Hampshire where he set up his medical practice in 1740.  He later retired from the practice of medicine and entered into local politics, while also adopting the cause of independence for the colonies.

New Addition to the SAR Library

Delaware Families, 1787-1800.


This 489 page book, compiled and edited by the Delaware Genealogical Society, is a commemoration of those families who lived in Delaware during its earliest period, from statehood to the start of the next century.


The basic format of the book consists of three-generation profiles of 132 early Delaware families, along with dates and locations of their vital records and the citations of the source documents.


Colorado Society SAR Through the Years



The Colorado Society is active in preparation for the annual Congress, which it is hoped will bring together a large attendance of enthusiastic members, particularly from the central and western states.  The Society on January 16 presented a flag to the Garfield School in Denver, when patriotic addresses were delivered.  The Historical Register of the Colorado Society, 1896-1906, is a handsome volume of a hundred pages.




Who was the 3rd Signer?

Who Was the 3rd Signer?


William Whipple was born 14 Jan 1730 in Kittery, Maine (then part of Massachusetts) and later, moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire where he married Catherine Moffatt in 1769.


New Addition to the SAR Library

New Addition to the SAR Library


Genealogy Bible Treasures: A Digital Photo Preservation and Index of Pre-Depression Era Bible Records.


This 903 page printed index contains 45,000 individual entries from 1,228 Tennessee area family Bibles.  Each of these entries is attached to a Bible identification number which may then be accessed on the accompanying DVD, allowing a view of the actual images of the Bible pages.  The index also provides an easy to follow “How to Use This Index” section.


DC Society SAR through the Years

The District of Columbia Society held its initial meeting of the season on November 21, when Hon. Henry Stockbridge delivered an address on immigration.

Who Was the 2ND Signer?

josiah BartlettJosiah Bartlett was born 21 Nov 1729 in Amesbury, Massachusetts to Stephen and Hannah (Webster) Bartlett. From the time he was a boy, he was determined to become a doctor, and after five years of study, opened his medical practice in Kingston, New Hampshire in 1750.
josiah Bartlett

New Addition to the SAR Library: The National Society, Sons and Daughters of Antebellum Planters

New Addition to the SAR Library 
The National Society, Sons and Daughters of Antebellum Planters, 1607-1861 was organized on 17 Oct 1997 in Washington, D.C.