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Presented by Compatriot Thomas B. Green III of the Texas SAR, this “American Flag” DVD program is already well known across the country for its thoroughness and variety. Over the course of this program, Green explains almost three dozen flags, giving the context and historical significance of each flag. Green includes both regimental, state, and nationally recognized symbols of American history in his presentation. It is one of several successful collaborations between state-level societies, universities, metro governments, and Outreach Education producing significant national impact.

During the 2015 SAR Fall Leadership Meeting, the SAR Outreach Education program offered its first “Cemetery Preservation 101” workshop. This DVD program, presented by Mr. J. Michael Higgs, the historian at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky, provides viewers with valuable introductory lessons containing all of the essential cemetery facts. Higgs details the various types of cemeteries, some common symbolism depicted upon headstones, restoration advice to be kept in mind, and cleaning procedures and materials needed for different media of markers. This unique opportunity fostered an interest in preservation that all of the visitors could carry back with them from the Fall Leadership Meeting and use in their future cemetery research. The SAR Outreach Education program is confident that this DVD resource will provide similar significant insight to genealogists, preservationists, and history devotees. Viewers interested in applying Higgs’ lessons in their own communities are encouraged to review the articles, handouts, preservation book lists, and the hundreds of state-by-state online resources provided by the SAR Outreach Education program to kick start their own local preservation efforts.



This “Centennial History of the SAR, 1889-1989” program, produced by the SAR, documents the first 100 years of the Sons of the American Revolution. It includes research on the formation of the organization, key events and significant milestones for the SAR, and important information about famous members throughout its existence. Both SAR members and historians discuss the achievements of the SAR at its centennial anniversary and goals for the future success of the society.

Documented and developed for the Outreach Education program of the SAR, this film gives a comprehensive understanding of the diplomatic, economic, and military resources implemented by France to help the American patriots obtain their new nation’s independence. This two-disc DVD series, compiled and produced by the members of the France Society, SAR; researched and scripted by France Society, SAR member Comte Jacques de Trentinian; and directed by Geneviève Husson, provides an in-depth program detailing the intriguing and cooperative relationship which existed between America and France from 1775 to 1783. A larger look at European and international powers during this period is also examined. This program includes a supplemental booklet and optional French language primer to help enrich the DVD material and spark group discussion. For best results when printing the supplemental booklet, please select the “double-sided, flip along the short edge” option under the printer settings.


This program, presented by Dr. Thomas H. Romine of the Ohio SAR, clarifies many misconceptions and reinforces the importance that regimental music played in the American struggle for independence. Showcasing the musical context present and regulations followed during the Revolutionary War period, Romine reveals how soldiers on both sides effectively communicated orders both on and off the battlefield. With over 55 years of drumming experience, a Doctorate in Musical Arts in Composition, military service, and SAR Color Guard duties around the country, Romine shares his perspective and expertise in this exciting demonstration. He has also authored and shared an illuminating article entitled “Let’s Get the Music Right” to supplement his recorded program.

The Patriot Chest program is an interactive presentation intended to compliment Elementary and Middle School lesson plans on the Revolutionary War and Colonial period of American history.  The program purpose is to bring that history alive, while providing students with a sense of the times and appreciation of the Patriot men and women who founded our Nation.

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This video demonstration of how to make invisible ink goes along with the lesson plan found here. This project is great for classroom use or at home.

This video demonstration of how to make marbled paper goes along with the lesson plan found here. This project is great for classroom use or at home.

This video demonstration of how to make a patriotic windsock along with the directions found here. This project is great for classroom use or at home.



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