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The Library and Archives Committee hosted a Promotion of the SAR Library and Archives: fantastic resources, staff, and programs on February 18th. This event was recorded for you to view on your own schedule.

  • Library Director, Joe Hardesty who presented what the Library staff members are doing:  The additions of more full text books to our collection. In October there were about 4,400 now we’re at about 7,400. Good increase in 3 months while working around COVID-19 issues. These books are available to anyone from their computers — Service at a Distance.
  • Librarian General, Tony Vets who updated us on our Benjamin Franklin medal success in fundraising and the FOL Franklin Flyer Contest.
  • Archivist, Rae Ann Sauer who talked about the continuing digitization of the SAR institutional archive collection. At the present we have completed about 1/4 of this project.


Fred Olive, Chairman, Library and Archives Committee