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Online Database Instructions

Welcome to the Membership Online Database system!

You are invited to review this basic tutorial of the options available on the online member database system. Additional options may be available in the future and will be announced as they become operational.

As an officer of a State Society or Chapter, you are allowed access to several options/functions that are not available to the average Compatriot. These options include:

  1. Updating contact information of all of Compatriots in your the State Society or Chapter.
  2. Assigning or changing Chapter designations of Compatriots (State Society officer access level only).
  3. Updating awards received by Compatriots, either at the Chapter, State, or National Level (State Society officer access level only).
  4. Use of various reporting functions.

The instructions shown below will explore how each option is accessed and utilized.


1. Updating addresses for all of your State Society or Chapter members.

Login into the Online Database system at the following website:

Once you login you will see a screen like this (with only YOUR information).   If you are a State Society officer you will have access to all of the members of your State Society.  As a Chapter officer you will have access to all of the members who have been assigned to your Chapter.  The Chapter assignments are done by your State Society officers or National Headquarters.

Figure 1


Please refer to Figure 1, in the upper right-hand corner you will notice an area shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2


At the end of this field where your name appears there is a down arrow.  Click on the down arrow.  You should now see a list of your Chapter or State Society members in alphabetical order by last name.   By selecting a name from this list you will be provided with the contact information of that Compatriot.  Just like with your contact information, you will be able to update any of the fields appearing in white.  Once you make a change to any of the information you must remember to click on the "Submit" button, which also appears in the upper right-hand corner (shown in Figure 2).  Any changes made without hitting the "Submit" button will not be recorded in the system.


2. Assigning Compatriots to a Chapter (State Society level only).

This function is relatively new to the National Database.   Assigning Compatriots to a particular Chapter has historically been the responsibility of the State Society and it continues to be that way.  Unfortunately, this means that most of the Compatriots listed in this National Database do not have Chapter assignments.

Several years ago National and the State Societies did organize the method of identifying Chapters, so that we started operating from the same list.  The list of identifiers is available at the following link:

The Chapters for each State Society is listed along with their identifier.  Please check your list and notify National of any incorrect information or changes.

To assign a member to a particular Chapter you will need to login into the system like normal.

As described in section 1 above, you will need to select the individual Compatriot you wish to update.  The one difference you will notice as a State Society officer is the area where the Chapter name is listed.

Figure 3

As a State Society officer you will see the name of the Chapter in a white box with a down arrow located to the right.  This will allow you to click on the down arrow and select the Chapter name to assign to this Compatriot.   If your State Society does not have Chapters or your State Society allows Compatriots to be Members-at-Large then you will need to select the code showing your state abbreviation followed by 0 (zero).


3. Updating the awards your Compatriots have received (State Society level only).

To assign awards received to each Compatriot, please log in to the system.  Following the instructions in step 1 above select the individual Compatriot to update.  After the Compatriot's information is on your screen refer to Figure 2 above.  You will notice a button labeled "Awards".   Click on the button and a new screen will appear (Figure 4).

Figure 4

To select a particular award click on the down arrow next to the "National Award" box.  This will show a list of all of the Awards listed in the SAR Handbook.  Select the award to record.  Enter the date of presentation and click the "Submit" button.  Each award assigned to this particular Compatriot should appear in the left-hand section of the screen.   To return to the Member information screen to select the next Compatriot, click on the "Member Info" button in the upper right-hand corner.


4. Use of various reporting functions.

Please refer to Figure 1.  In the upper right-hand corner you will see a button labeled "Reports".  By clicking on this button you will see the screen shown in Figure 5.  Next to each Report option is a check box.  Check the report you would like and click the "Submit" button.

Figure 5


First is the Address Labels.  When you select this report it will generate a .PDF formatted report laid out in a standard Avery #5160.   The report will include all active members of your Chapter or State Society, depending upon your access level.  Sample shown in Figure 6.


Figure 6

Figure 7

The second report option is a Current Membership Roster, as shown in Figure 7.


The third report option is a Current Membership Roster with a different format.  The data is extracted from the Database and exported to your local computer in a Microsoft Excel format.  This will allow you to review the data, mail merge the data into whatever layout you wish or allow you to import the raw data into your own database system.  An example is shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

The fourth and fifth options are a Dropped Members list and a Deceased Members list.  The system will ask you for a date range that you would like to include in the report.  Like the Current Membership Roster shown in Figure 7, these reports are generated in a printable format.


5. To report a deceased Compatriot.

To report a deceased Compatriot to National, DO NOT modify the address to say deceased in any way.  Do go to the following link and fill in the report form to submit it to National.

This is a basic tutorial of the items available from the online database system.

Additional options may be available in the future and will be announced as they become available.


Frequently Asked Questions


Following are some frequently asked questions received at Headquarters:

1. Why doesn’t my original ancestor (and/or other supplemental ancestors) appear on my information screen?

The Patriot Ancestor database system has only been in existence since 1998, so most of the long-term Compatriots’ original ancestors are not in the system yet. They will be added as time permits.

2. Why can't I create my User ID? The system says it cannot confirm my National Number and Date of Birth.

The National database system has been in existence since 1998, and it continues to grow. While most birth dates have been entered into the system, those Compatriots with National Numbers lower than 125000 are not all entered yet.  We continue to enter them as time permits.

3. Why doesn't the office I held three years ago appear in my Positions Held list?

The Positions Held section is used to list any current offices held.  It is not a history section of offices held during your membership history.

4. Why am I not able to generate a list of all my Chapter members?

This indicates that not all of your Chapter members have been assigned to your Chapter.  To remedy this inconsistency, prepare a list of those missing Compatriots, and notify your State Officers to correct the information. NOTE: When a new-member application is approved and registered at Headquarters, the Chapter designated at the top of the front of the application is the Chapter assigned to that member in the database. If NO Chapter is designated on the application, that member is then entered as a State “at-large” member, rather than assigned to a specific Chapter.

5.    Why won't the website accept my User I.D. and Password?

This issue has come up with the recent upgrade to the SAR website. At this time, the website login and the database login are not connected; therefore, you will need to create a user account for the website. You will still need to log in to the database site at the following link to update member information.