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Living History or Re-enactment Groups

"Living History" or Re-enactment Groups


A re-enactor is someone who recreates history down to the last details.   This is done by portraying the look and actions of a person from a given era.   With this being the site for the Sons of the American Revolution it only makes sense to introduce you to groups who represent American Revolution period.  By exploring some of the various links on this page you will see groups who re-enact the American Revolution period military units.  An even better thing to do is attend one of the many events in which these groups appear and get to see them in action.

Re-enactors have a strong interest in history and how it is portrayed in current life.   What starts as a hobby sometimes becomes a way of life and many, many hours of enjoyment.   Re-enactors come from all walks of life doctors, lawyers, plumbers, teachers, mechanics, etc.  They get enjoyment out of showing other people the life and times of the era in which they are re-enacting.  The hobby also lends itself to helping people to get away from the stress of this time in history.

If you have thought about the idea of becoming a re-enactor there are some things you need to do first.

First find a unit which interest you.  Look for units in your area, do some research online about different units or contact local historic sites.   Once you find a unit that interest you, go to one of their scheduled re-enactments.   Get to know the people involved in the various units.  Ask questions!   You may not find the right fit on your first visit, but keep looking.   When you feel comfortable with a particular group or unit and they feel comfortable with you, express your interest in joining their unit.

Once you have found a comfortable fit with a unit, then you must start to acquire the clothes, uniform and accouterments.  Waiting until you find the "right" unit will save you time and money when it comes to acquiring the right stuff.   Many members of the unit will offer suggestions on where to find the best material and at the most reasonable price.  Re-enacting can be an expensive hobby and sometimes the sutlers at a given event aren't necessarily carrying items that are right for the re-enactment period being portrayed.  As you step into the world of a different era, you will appreciate history in a different way.