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Newsletters and Periodicals Committee Judging Sheet Criteria


Contains (Maximum of 4 points each)

  1. Chapter, State and/or National activities?
  2. A calendar and/or notice of events?
  3. Membership info, such as welcoming of new, remembering deceased, etc.?
  4. Special observances announced and/or reported?
  5. Special stories?

SUB TOTAL (Maximum of 20 points)


Editorial Content (Maximum of 10 points each)

  1. Writing style & content
  2. Punctuation, spelling, typo’s
  3. Helpfulness to readers
  4. General interest of articles
  5. Identifiable masthead & SAR logo
  6. Overall quality

SUB TOTAL (Maximum of 60 points)


Appearance (Maximum of 4 points each)

  1. General layout
  2. Use of photography
  3. Use of art/graphics
  4. Typefaces
  5. Neatness

SUB TOTAL (maximum of 20 points)

Maximum Total of 100 points