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Annual Reconciliation Instructions

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Annual Reconciliation Instructions
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The Task Force for Registration, Education & Reporting has created a single, easy to use Reconciliation Form Template for calculating and reporting both active membership and accurate dues payment amounts for State Societies. This standardized Reconciliation Form is intended to speed up the data gathering and reconciliation process and, at the same time, reduce the man hours currently required in reconciling the membership of the National Society by the National Office. It will also expedite each state society’s payment of dues to the National Office.



Please be advised that on the State Society Annual Reconciliation Report form that you should NOT place a space at the end of ANY data entry.  Placing a space will cause the form to reject the data entry and thus not calculate totals correctly. 
Again, the directions are specific about what can be entered – if it says “Y” or “N”, then type “Y” or “N” and not “Y(space” or “N(space)”.
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Fri, 2012-08-03
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