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SARApAid by Cox Software

Cox Software
SARApAid by Ray Cox (TX)

This program has been licensed as an approved NSSAR Application form software package.  It is a stand-alone program (for Win95, Win98, WinMe, WinNT 3.51+, Win2000, WinXP, Vista, and Windows 7) requiring no other application or software package to provide complete entry, editing, saving, recall, and printing of NSSAR Application forms #0915U (2003 - new Universal form), #0915Y (2000 - Youth/Youth Life Membership form), as well as exchanging form data via E-mail attachments.

Further information on the program, e.g., cost ($20 delivered, including free program upgrades via Internet download for 2 years), and DEMO downloads are available at the Cox SoftWare Web site,

Note: The Cox program is the only one of the programs offered which can import form data from sources other than its native file formats.   Compatriot Cox has incorporated the capability to import form data from each of the other approved programs in support of the NSSAR Patriot Index Project.   Please see the Cox Software web site for further details.