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Headquarters Tour: Part 4


Artwork in the Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky



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Left Stairs Up to the Library


General von Steuben drilling the troops at Valley Forge (1777-78)
-- a pencil sketch


Washington's Ragged Army at Valley Forge (1777-78)
-- a pencil sketch


Gen. Charles O'Hara surrendering the British Army at Yorktown
to Gen. Benjamin Lincoln. Gen. Cornwallis was too ashamed to
surrender in person and Gen. Washington declined to accept
the surrender from an inferior officer. (October 19, 1781).
-- a pencil sketch


President George Washington on a ceremonial barge
on his way to NY City to be inaugurated in 1788
-- a pencil sketch


The Marquis de Lafayette upon his triumphal return to the U.S. in 1824
-- by Kevin P. Lewellen after the original by Thomas Scully
(at the Second U.S. National Bank, Philadelphia PA)


General Harry Lighthorse Lee
-- by Gregory Stapko, after Gilbert Stuart.


James Armistead Lafayette
-- by T. P. Curtis after the original by John B. Martin
(at the Valentine Museum, Richmond VA)


letter certifying James Armistead Lafayette's efforts as a spy against the British