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Investment Committee

The Investment Committee invites suggestions for improvement to the June 18th draft NSSAR Investment Policy Statement.

Please read the five attachments linked below and suggest additional ideas, concerns or comments by adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

Suggestions received before August 30 will be considered by the Investment Committee in September for revision of the NSSAR Investment Policy Statement for presentation to the Leadership Meeting - September 26 -28, 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Thank you

C. David Billings, Ph.D.
Chairman, Investment Committee


1._investment_committee_website_2013.07.17.pdf128.59 KB
2._nssar_ips_2013.06.18.pdf292.85 KB
3._upmifa_ky_adoption_ky_bar.pdf217.73 KB
4._upmifa_final_06.pdf124.44 KB
5._commomfund_inst._whitepaper_the_investment_policy_statement.pdf217.82 KB
6_bylaw_no_23_ratified_version_2013-07-12.pdf105.19 KB