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New or Modified Medal/Award Form

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New or Modified Medal/Award Form
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Form for Proposal of a New or Modified Medal or Award

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Mon, 2012-10-29
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Per NSSAR Handbook Volume III:
All new medals, awards, insignia, and applicable changes in criteria, require approval of the Medals and Awards Committee and the Executive Committee. Requests must be submitted over the state society's president's signature or of the national committee chairman’s signature and sent to the Executive Director.  
A request for a new medal, award, certificate or insignia must indicate how the funding necessary to implement the request will be provided. There are no national funds available for funding new medals, awards, insignia, certificates, or a monetary award given with an award or certificate. Source of funding for any costs to maintain and issue an award, medal, certificate, or insignia will be provided by the requestor. A design depicting the proposed award will accompany the request.  
All requests should be sent at least sixty days prior to a Trustees' Meeting. The Executive Director will forward the request to the appropriate committee chairman for the committee’s consideration and approval. Requests should have a committee’s approval prior to submission to the Medals and Awards committee for consideration. After approval of all concerned, it should be noted that implementation normally takes eight to twelve months. Correspondence other than that covered above should be sent directly to the Chairman, Medals and Awards Committee.  Funding for any currently authorized medal, award, certificate or insignia is subject to review by the Medals and Awards committee for possible deletion unless adequate funding is provided by the requestor or its representative.