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Colds & the Flu by Dr. Addington, SAR Surgeon General

30 Oct

Colds & the Flu by Dr. Addington, SAR Surgeon General

Author: Mick Pitzer

The season has arrived for colds and flu. Both are caused by a virus. The usual way the virus enters our body is through the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and mouth. Hand to face is the manner of contact. Wash your hands and avoid rubbing your face. Also avoid crowds, ill persons and if you are ill avoid exposing others.

           COLD                                                                     FLU

             Yes                      Runny Nose                     Occasionally

             Yes                      Sneezing                           Occasionally

             Wet                    Cough                               Dry 

             Mild                    Body Ache                       Severe, All Over

             Yes                      Sore Throat                     Occasionally

             No                       Nausea                             Occasionally

             No                       Fever                                Yes 101F and up

             No                       Chills/Sweats                  Yes

             Slow                    Onset of Symptoms      Fast

             Occasionally      Headache                        Common

             Occasionally      Fatigue                             Yes

             Sinus, Ear           Complications                 Sinus, Bronchitis


Treatment includes meds for congestion, pain and fever for both colds and flu. See a physician for persistent fever, painful swallowing, persistent cough, purulent nasal drainage, and productive cough.

Seek medical help immediately for severe chest pain. Severe headache, shortness of breath, dizziness, confusion or persistent vomiting.     

The flu season is November through March and colds are anytime. Get your flu vaccination, it takes about 2 weeks for the vaccination to be effective.       



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