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Alzheimer's by Surgeon General Darryl Addington, MD

01 Aug

Alzheimer's by Surgeon General Darryl Addington, MD

Author: Mick Pitzer

Alzheimer's is a growing concern in our population. New drugs are being developed to treat the disease but there are ways to slow the disease. This is available for everyone and can be started immediately.

The way is a healthy lifestyle. A recent British study published in JAMA confirms that a healthy lifestyle does help.

[1] Exercise regularly. You are never too old to start, discuss with your personal physician before starting. It does not require vigorous exercise but regular exercise. Recommended is 150 minutes per week.

[2] A diet high in vegetables,fruits,oils such as olive oil and low in red meats.

[3] Keep you brain active. Activities such as reading,working on the computer, playing games,crafts, and social activities.

(4] Address your medical problems. Treat high blood pressure,elevated lipids,diabetes,and  no smoking.

[S] Get adequate sleep,between 5 and 10 hours per night. [6] Treat hearing loss

[7] Be active in addition to regular exercise. [8] Move,do not be sedentary.



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