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Adult Vaccines - By Surgeon General D Addington, MD

18 Apr

Adult Vaccines - By Surgeon General D Addington, MD

Author: Mick Pitzer

There is an outbreak of measles in the USA and other countries. This is occurring in children and adults that have not been vaccinated or have inadequate immunization. If you are in question about your immune status, talk with your personal physician. Adults still need vaccinations. These depend on your health status, allergies and medical diagnosis. Following are recommended vaccines, always consult with your physician about vaccines. 

·       Flu-All ages and every year

·       Shingles-There are two vaccines-Zostavax and Shingrix. Shingrix is recommended for adults 50 are older even if they had the Zostavax vaccine.

·       Tetanus and diphtheria- A three dose series if you have never been vaccinated, and a Td booster every 10 years.

·       Tdap- Includes Td and whooping cough { pertussis}. Adults need the vaccine especially if in contact with infants.

·       Haemophilus influenza type b-Recommended for adults at increased risk, discuss with your physician.

·       Hepatitis A- Recommended for travelers abroad such as Africa or Asia, use of illegal drugs, and liver disease or a clotting disorder.

·       Hepatitis B-Given in 3 doses, recommended if traveling abroad, health care workers and those with liver disease, renal disease, HIV infection and diabetes.

·       Pneumococcal- There are two vaccines, PCV13 and PPSV23. Adults over 65 are recommended for both vaccines. PCV13 first and then PPSV23. Consult with your personal physician.



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