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Membership Process

Documenting Your Line

Documenting Easy Cases

First, let’s take the easiest case. If you have a relative in the SAR, DAR, or C.A.R., then your patriot ancestor’s name, service, and a good portion of the lineage may have already been determined and documented. Thus, you could only need to be able to document and prove your relationship to the relative and what is called a record copy of the relative’s SAR, DAR or C.A.R. application.

While an SAR record copy is already on file at the national headquarters, the SAR chapter and/or state-level society registrars may wish to check your application against the existing application already on file. They will want to verify the accuracy of the dates and names shown on both yours and the relative’s applications.

As an SAR applicant, you typically need only your own birth certificate, your parents’ marriage license, and a record copy of your father’s or mother’s application. If the relative was a grandfather or grandmother, you would need the documents connecting your father or mother to them. Other connections to a previous or current SAR, DAR or C.A.R., especially prior to 1985, member may require additional materials.

An SAR chapter or society officer can request record copies​ from the SAR, DAR, or C.A.R. Details concerning the DAR and C.A.R.’s record copy procedures can be found on their organizations website.

Other organizations may require military service for membership, but the SAR and DAR do not. Those who served in local governments; signed oaths of allegiance; or provided food, clothing, or services to the American Army are acceptable as patriot ancestors.

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