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International District

Objectives of the International District

  • To honor the memory of our ancestors, who supported the formation of the United States of America

  • To support research into and education about the people and events in the U.S and elsewhere that led to independence for the United States and to liberty (protection of individual rights) for its citizens.

  • To support genealogy, family history, and heritage programs

  • To locate, report, and mark the graves of the patriot ancestors from the Revolutionary War wherever they may be in the world

  • To support other like-minded heritage organizations so that we may more fully share the common experience

Site Guide
The main SAR site
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The Real Story of the
   American Revolution
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   U.S. history

Societies in the District:
   Canada Society
   International Society
   Mexico Society

District Officers

Examples of the help provided by people from around the globe in forming the United States.

Even members who live far apart can participate in SAR programs through individual activity.

What's Happened Lately?
RECRUITING IN TUNISIA - A state-side member who moved to this nation in late 2005 is seeking qualified prospects to join the SAR and form a society there. For further information send an Email to .
AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, HONG KONG, JAPAN - We have several members and prospects here and are seeking others who have ancestors who supported the cause of American independence in 1776. See our page soliciting inquiries.

Want to Join the SAR?

The SAR has many members around the world. Some are U.S. citizens living outside the United States due to business or government assignments. Some are citizens of nations other than the United States, whose ancestors aided the cause of U.S. independence. You may be eligible to join the SAR if you have an ancestor who helped the cause of U.S. independence -- whether that person was a U.S. resident or participated as an ally in the war against Great Britain during 1776-1783. For details see Who is Eligible to Join?

If you or a friend or relative are living outside the United States are interested in SAR membership, read about Getting a Helper Then contact the Web page manager at You may also find a helper from
[starball] the national SAR Web site or from
[starball] DAR units outside the U.S.

For suggestions about defining your lineage, determining the dates and places, and getting copies of the documentation, see the SAR Genealogy area's suggestions for
[starball] Documenting Your Line.

Before starting your research it may be helpful to print out both sides of a sample application. This version has been sized to be readable on your computer screen. The final application is printed on 8.5 by 14 inch archival paper with a special watermark. Also read our recommendations for Filling out Side 1 and Filling out Side 2 of the Application Form.

How to Re-activate a Lapsed Membership

If you want to become an active member after not paying dues for a while please contact the Web page manager at . You will need to pay annual dues using the ITSSAR dues notice [PDF file]

A donation to the Center for Advancing America's Heritage will help provide a new building to house our library, free up space in the main building to display our collection of Revolutionary War materials and provide better tour experience for regional schools, and convert more of genealogical and historical research material for public use on our new Revolutionary War history site, www.rsar.org. We are well along our goal of 6,000,000 $US for this center. The lot across the street from headquarters has been purchased, the houses there have been cleared, and the site is ready for construction.

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