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What Can You Do to Help the SAR?

Members are spread quite thin in the area covered by the International District. Many live too far from other members to participate in such group activities as meetings, dinners, and historic commemorations.

However, you can still do things to support the SAR's historic, educational, and patriotic goals. For example, you can

  • make an educational presentation to a local group or class about the history of the United States during its struggle for independence

  • present an SAR award to a student or adult who provide strong community leadership, for example present JROTC medals at DOD Dependants' Schools around the world, coordinated through DOD and the National SAR's JROTC/ROTC Committee.

  • Sponsor an essay contest on "What is Good Citizenship" or some such topic. Have SAR members judge, or assist with the judging. As prizes use ribbons, SAR Outstanding Citizenship Pins, and Bronze Good Citizenship medals. U.S. Savings Bonds are great for U.S. youth who are temporarily overseas. Make the awards at a school assembly.

  • write a brief article about the struggle for independence in the nation in which you reside; SAR newsletters in the United States would be interested in publishing such an article, and we might post them on our Web site.

  • arrange for a visit from an SAR group from the United States to help celebrate a local event or person that related to the American Revolution or the struggle for independence in the nation in which you reside.

  • volunteer to work with a national SAR committee (for example, transcribing written grave survey sheets into a database)
If you are an ITD member just let us know which activity you would like to develop and we will find someone to work with you in making good plans and carrying them through to completion. Send an Email to the VPG for the International District.

If you have other ideas, send them in.

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