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Getting Help with Your Application

The SAR is not just for history buffs

We have a numerous programs to build up our communities and to provide leadership and service opportunities for our members. To better understand what the SAR is and what members do, take a look at the Web sites for the [starball] National Society SAR, for the the state society you want to join (linked from the national site), and the chapter you want to join (if they have one it should be linked from the state site).

Get a Helper!

Unless you are familiar with the process of documenting applications to a lineage society you should find a "helper" to work with. The International Society SAR has a few such "Special Assistants for Recruiting". Your SAR helper can
        -- tell you about local SAR activites
        -- inform you about how the national and international SAR operates
        -- help you determine what sort of information is needed,
        -- help you understand documentation is and isn't acceptable
        -- provide pointers on where and how to get the documentation
        -- mark up the documentation for submission with the application
        -- draft the application for your review and correction
        -- print the final application on special watermarked paper
        -- get the required signatures and payments
        -- send the package to the next stage
        -- help handle questions that may arise during the approval process

If you need to find information at a U.S. library or other document repository your SAR helper may suggest that you hire a board-certified genealogist who lives near the area where the documents are located. This genealogist should know where to find what you need and can search for the information and copy and annotate the needed documents for you. For a listing by area, see the
Board for Certification of Genealogists.

Let's Start with You

TELL US -- Do you have a birth certificate listing the date, place, and names of both parents (with the maiden name of your mother)?
You have to document the link to each generation back to the patriot, and a birth certificate or other document is a good place to start. If you don't have his, we can discuss how to obtain acceptable alternative documents.

Can We Exchange Documents Easily?

TELL US -- Do you have access to a FAX or to a scanner?
With these you can send copies of documents faster than mailing them and without folding the copies. A scanner produces a graphics file which can be attached to Email.

You May be a BIG Winner!

TELL US -- Do you have a close relative in the SAR, DAR, or SR?
The application process is particularly easy if you have a close relative who was in the SAR, DAR, or SR. In that case the service of the patriot ancestor and most of the lineage information is already on file and approved. Your helper can obtain a "record copy" of that application by paying the organizations' modest fee (typically $5 to $10) for the copy.

You may be able to use that application to document most of your application. You should read the rest of this Web page to understand what is required for a completed application, but you may look forward to a speedy completion of the application process.

You May be a Smaller Winner

TELL US -- Who was your patriot ancestor (do you have several)?
Even if you don't have a close relative who joined the SAR, etc., you may have a distant relative who joined using the same ancestor as yours (thus making them your distant relative). The first thing your helper will do (if you don't know of a relative in the SAR, etc) is look up the name of your patriot ancestor in the SAR and DAR patriot index books to see if your ancestor is listed.

We can get the right ancestor and get most out of this search if you tell us:
        -- the name of the patriot ancestor
        -- the dates and state of birth and death
        -- the nature of the service and the state through which it was given
        -- the name of the spouse from whom you are descended
        -- the name of the child through whom you are descended

Lineage Information

TELL US -- What is the name of the patriot's spouse, and of the child through whom you are decended? (And what other details do you know about the line back to your patriot ancestor?)
The SAR requires information about the chain of ancestors leading to your patriot ancestor, and if we know the spouse and child's name it is easier for us to identify the patrior (many had similar names) and to determine which application -- if there is one based on that patriot and already in our files -- will be most useful for documenting your own lineage.

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