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09 Aug

2019 Atlantic Middle States Association Conference

Event Location

NASSAR Headquarters
809 W Main St
Louisville, KY 40202

Event Date & Time

August 9-11, 2019

Dear Compatriots and Guests:

On behalf of the Delaware Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, your hosts for the 2019 Atlantic Middle States Association Conference, I cordially welcome you to Delaware. We are delighted and honored to have the President General and most of the national officers with us. The Delaware Society hopes it has taken advantage of every opportunity to enable you to enjoy the conference and "The First State." While you are with us in Delaware, we invite you to take a moment to explore Delaware's rich history, pristine beaches, and of course our tax-free shopping.

As you will see from the agenda included in your registration package, the Delaware Society, in conjunction with Vice Presidents General Sutton and Goebel, has planned an exciting and informative program.

The Hilton Christiana/Wilmington is conveniently located to a number of other attractions in Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania, including the Brandywine River Museum (Wyeth family and American artwork), Longwood Gardens (Pierre S. DuPont's home and gardens), The Hagley Museum (E.I. DuPont's gunpowder works), Nemours Mansion & Gardens (A.I. DuPont's home), Winterthur Museum, the Delaware Art Museum and Fort Delaware (a Civil War era fort constructed in the middle of the Delaware River).

In addition to the Brandywine Battlefield, for those interested, Elkton, Cooch's Bridge, Paoli, Philadelphia, Germantown, Valley Forge, and many other sites connected to the British Philadelphia Campaign of 1777-1778, are within easy reach. The colonial city of New Castle, first capital of Delaware and "The Williamsburg of the North" is only twenty minutes away. The nearby city of Wilmington - founded as a Swedish colony in 1638 - contains sites commemorating the first Swedish settlement (Fort Christina State Park on E. 7th Street, including a replica of the ship Kalmar Nyckel) and French assistance during the American Revolution (the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route and the Wilmington Opera House).

We truly hope that you enjoy your time in Delaware and experience everything this Small Wonder has to offer.


Harry B. Roberts, III

Chairman, 2019 AMS Conference Committee

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