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Conflict of Interest

Code of Organizational Conduct

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is a not for profit, tax-exempt organization. Maintenance of its tax-exempt status is important for both continued financial stability, public and member support. Therefore, the Internal Revenue Service, as well as other regulatory agencies, tax officials and other stakeholders view the policy and operations of the SAR as a public trust, which is subject to scrutiny by and accountable to such authorities as well as its constituents.

Consequently, there does exist between the NSSAR and its officers, trustees, committee chairmen, senior staff and the general public a fiduciary duty that carries with it a broad and clear duty to fidelity and loyalty. The officers, trustees and senior staff have the responsibility to administer the affairs in an honest and prudent manner, exercising the best skill, abilities and judgment for the sole benefit of the NSSAR. Those persons who serve in leadership capacities shall exercise good faith in all matters and transactions, and shall refrain from practices that allow personal gain or benefit due to knowledge or influence. The interest of the SAR shall be the priority in all decisions and actions.

National SAR Conflict of Interest and Code of Organizational Conduct Form


Unfortunately, unless you have your browser defaults set to open .PDF form in Adobe, the Conflict of Interest form will open in a new browser window.  

If the form does open in your browser window, using your mouse right-click on the form and select "Save as."  This will allow you to save the form to your computer and open it using Adobe Reader.  Once you have saved the file, you will need to locate it and open the file using Adobe Reader.  This will allow you to fill in the blanks on the form.

You can also apply a digital signature to the form.  

To create a digital signature in Adobe, please follow the process listed here:

1.  Open Adobe Reader
2.  Click the "Edit" menu at the top of the window.
3.  On the following sub-menu click on "Preferences."
4.  On the Preferences window click on "Signatures" on the left list.  This will cause the sub-menu on the right side of the window to change.
5.  On the right side sub-menu click on "Identities & Trusted Certificates" "More..." option.  This will cause a "Digital ID and Trusted Certificate Settings" window to open.
6.  On the Digital ID and Trusted Certificate Settings window click on the icon that has a + in the upper lefthand corner.  This will allow you to add a new signature.  This will cause a new window to open called "Add Digital ID."
7.  In this window, click on "A new digital ID I want to create now."  Then click "Next" at the bottom of the window.
8.  The default selection should be "New PKCS#12 digital ID file"  If not, then select it and click "Next."
9.  This is your information for the signature.  You can enter the "Name," "Organizational Unit," "Organization Name," and "Email Address."  The minimum amount of information to enter is your name and email address.  The other three fields default to "US - United States" " 2048-bit RSA" and "Digital Signatures and Data Encryption"  Once you have entered your information click "Next."
10.  This will switch the window to the save your signature file and the creation of a password for your signature.  Click on Browse and select a file folder to save your signature in.  Then move down the screen to enter your password.  You must enter the password twice as a confirmation.  Be sure to jot it down, as you will need this to apply your signature to a document.
11.  Once your password creation is confirmed click "Finish."  You have now create a digital signature.

When you open a document in Adobe that allows for a digital signature, please follow these basic instructions:

1.  Click on the digital signature field.  Adobe will open a window titled "Add Digital ID."
2.  Click on "My existing digital ID from:"  - "A file."  Then click "Next."
3.  Click on "Browse" and locate where you have saved your digital signature created in the above steps.
4.  Once the file is located, enter your password assigned to your signature file and click "Next."
5.  Verify the information on the screen and click "Finish."

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