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SAR Committees

Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

Bylaw No. 18 Sec. b - Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee shall have the responsibility and authority to investigate and conduct hearings on the improper acts of a Compatriot as set forth in Bylaw No. 32.

(1) Membership. The Ethics Committee shall consist of seven (7) members: three (3) Former Presidents General and four (4) members. The members of this Committee shall not participate in political campaigns at the National Society level. Two (2) additional individuals may be appointed to the Committee as Investigators.
Investigators will prepare and present any necessary charges for hearing by the Ethics Committee, but will not be entitled to vote.

(2) Chairman. The President General shall appoint a former President General who serves on the Ethics Committee as chairman for a one (1) year term. The President General may appoint one or more members of the committee to serve as a vice-chairman.

(3) Term of Service. The chairman shall be appointed annually. The President General shall appoint one former President General each year for a three (3) year term. The President General shall appoint two members each year for a (2) year term. The President General shall appoint one Investigator each year for a two (2) year term.

(4) Hearings before the Committee. Hearings conducted by the Committee pursuant to Bylaw No. 32 shall be conducted before not less than five (5) voting members of the Committee. The President General shall have the authority to designate temporary members of the Committee if the nature of the charges results in the recusal of two or more members of the Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee has established a centralized location for members of the National Society SAR to access information pertaining to the Ethics Committee's formulation and functions.

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