Why Join the NSSAR

Why Should You Join the SAR?

As in any organization, you get out as much as or more than you put into it. We are an organization of people who make good things happen.

You can help make the dream of our patriot ancestors a reality by joining and participating in our programs to sustain the system of representative government and participatory democracy that they fought with words and weapons to create.

Costs and Benefits

While you can give and get significantly more from the SAR than the basic costs and benefits of membership, we list them here because they are where most of us start.

Application Fees (typical): National $80, State $5, Chapter $zero; Total: $85

Benefits of Joining (typical):

Annual Dues (typical): National $30, State $15, Chapter $8; Total: (typical) $53

Annual Benefits (typical):


Members are encouraged to participate in a number of activities:

Frequently, there are international travel opportunities.  In 2003 and again in 2008, the SAR conducted Congresses in Paris, France, in conjunction with the 225 anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Paris.  In 2008, there was a 12 day tour of Scotland to trace the steps of John Paul Jones, and to visit George Washington's ancestral home in England.  Other SAR sponsored tour in the recent past include Germany, England, and Spain.  In the near future trips to Spain and Hawaii.