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Americanism Middle School Brochure Contest Rules

Rules for Contest Entrants: 
  1. Open to students in the 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th grades, depending on which year the American Revolution is taught in their educational system - including ecumenical and home schooled students.  A student can only enter once during these school grades.   One Brochure per student - Not by a group
  2. The brochures must conform to the yearly theme
  3. Brochure size: The brochures must be made from a single 8 ½” x 11” piece of blank printer paper. The paper should be folded according to the instructions provided for the contest. The content of the various panels of the brochure should align with the instructions provided. (See under Resource Material below ‘SAR Brochure Panels Explained’ - page 4 of 9 page Guide)
  4. Paper thickness: The thickness of paper in the US is commonly expressed on the package of paper as the “weight”. For the purposes of the contest, choose 8 ½” x 11” paper with a ‘weight’ of 32 lbs. or less. [Construction paper is usually too thick – over 32 lbs., but may be used providing the Brochure can be tri-folded]  Paper color: White paper is most common, but pastel, or color paper is acceptable.
  5. Artwork: All artwork on brochures should be hand drawn. Do not paste pictures from magazines, books, or the Internet onto the brochure. Do not use clip art. Tracing is permissible and simple drawings that represent complex concepts are encouraged for those who may doubt their artistic skills. Ideas are the most important element in these brochures and the art is merely a means of conveying those ideas. *
  6. Pasting: Pasting of hand drawn art work onto a master is permitted. Lighter paper weights (e.g. 20, 24 lbs.) are recommended for items to be pasted onto a master.
  7. Text: The written text is commonly hand printed. Typed text sections (even pasted on) are also permitted. [CAUTION: This must be original text written by the student – not clipped from magazines, books or taken off the Internet.] *
  8. Identification: See under Resource Material below ‘SAR Brochure Panels Explained’.  Make special note that the student’s name and school on the Back Panel of the brochure is covered by a 3”x 3” Post-It® note throughout all judging at the Chapter, State and National level.
  9. Brochure entries may be disqualified for these reasons: (a) did not adhere to the Annual Americanism Theme; (b) is not 8 ½” x 11” in size; (c) is not a tri-folded brochure (cannot be folded).  
  10. Judging: Brochures will be judged using a scoring rubric focusing on the following elements:
       a. Content   b. Creativity   c. Correctness
  11. PRIZES INCLUDE:  Awards and Cash!  
    Prizes & Awards for local contests vary by SAR Chapter and by State.  The National Prize & Awards are:  1st Place: $200 2nd Place: $150