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SAR Handbook

Official Handbook 

2013 Edition


NSSAR Handbook (2013 Edition) contains the following volumes:


NSSAR Handbook 2013 supersedes all previous editions.


The NSSAR Handbook contains the official policies, procedures and protocol for the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.  It provides official guidance for the National Society‚Äôs operation, programs and activities.  The policies contained in the Handbook are established by the: (1) Annual Congress, (2) Board of Trustees, (3) Executive Committee, (4) National Headquarters staff and (5) Standing, Special Advisory and Program Committees.    


The development and publication of the NSSAR Handbook is the responsibility of the Handbook Committee, whose members are appointed by the President General pursuant to Bylaw No. 18, Section 1(d).  The Handbook Committee is currently composed of the following individuals.


Davis Lee Wright, Esq., Chair