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President General Lindsey C. Brock's Primary Goals for 2014 - 2015

In addition, the Completion of Phase III of the SAR Headquarters Building Project.

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Southwest Asia - Persian Gulf War Veterans Corps Task Force
Establishment of a Task Force under Colonel Chuck Sweeney of the Florida Society for the Veteran Recognition Committee to present Certificates of Patriotism to be awarded to NSSAR Compatriots who served during the Persian Gulf War and received the Southwest Asia Service Medal.

Notable Speeches by SAR Members
The purpose of this committee is to compile an archive of notable speeches that our members have given at various SAR and/or civic events. This archive of speeches given by others, will assist other members with ideas for local meetings or for presentations to give to other groups in their local areas to promote the SAR in our communities.

SAR Patriot Ancestors' Biographies Committee

The purpose of this committee is to perpetuate the memory of our Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestors by providing a media for SAR members to submit biographies of their patriot ancestors' which will provide another tool in the recruitment of new members. Send your submission, of not more than 500 words, in a Microsoft Word compatible form to, patriotbiosatsar [dot] org

Medal of Honor Task Force
The purpose of this committee is to identify NSSAR members throughout the history of the organization who have been the recipient of the Medal of Honor (MoH). In addition, the Task Force will identify any current living MoH recipients to determine eligibility for NSSAR membership.


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